Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Features: 2013 calendars

I'm bringing back one of my favorite yearly features and sharing some wonderful calendars that you can pick up for 2013. Enjoy!

2013 calendar. hand drawn and illustrated. color. kraft paper. frameable. let's hope it's a good one by katievaz

2013 Photo calendar, 2013 Desktop Calendar, 2013 Calendar, Nature, Flowers, Woodland, Gifts for Women, Gifts under 30, Nature Calendar. by LisaRussoFineArt

2013 calendar MULTI PRINT LOOSE by khristinahowell

2013 Calendar by PikakePress

2013 Wall Calendar Cat Printed - 2013 calendar for Girls' room - Korean Stationery by morecozy

2013 Calendar Funny Birds by ModernPOP

2013 calendar pdf printable file teacups and cupcakes by LulalooCards

What kind of calendar, if any, do you use?


  1. Wow, so many pretty calendars to choose from! I especially like the last one :)

  2. Hee, hee! Those birds!

    We have a multi-calendar system. I write down activities on my to-do list, which has categories for my shops and my life in general, my husband uses the calendar on his phone, and we just started using a "family calendar" in the kitchen. I usually have one in my office, too, but I haven't gotten one for 2013 yet.

  3. While I do like all the pretty ones I use a standard office desk calendar, I'm afraid...

  4. Pretty calendars! I like the 2nd one and the birds but of course my calendar is kitties!

  5. Nice calendars! One year soon I will make my own.

    ♥ aquariann
    Finds: Winter Jewelry

  6. love the calendar finds. I've been looking for a new calendar. I currently use a UPS calendar I get at work but it would be nice to have a pretty one.

  7. Nice calendars. And it reminds me that I got one for Christmas that I haven't hung up yet.

  8. Great finds. I love the nature photography one.

  9.'re right, great minds think alike :)
    Love all the colorful options you found!
    I have three calendars right in the kitchen for appointments and birthdays, one in my studio for reference and upcoming shows and a weekly planner for my to do lists.

  10. what great calendars! First of all, I love calendars and these are so pretty. The birdies are so cute! I have multiple calendars; at work, in my journal, bill-paying, on the computer and on the wall! And my BB gives me a Sierra Club weekly calendar each year! Great photos there! {:-D

  11. I love the first one, but then, I love nature!

  12. I love calendars! You found a cool collection of calendars, thanks for sharing.
    Everyday Inspired


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