Monday, January 14, 2013

Scavenger Hunt on Monday (1/14/13)

Welcome to another edition of the Scavenger Hunt! Between traveling, holiday happenings, and cold weather, I've been way out of my sync with this weekly photo post lately. It felt good to start getting back in that groove this week. Enjoy!

1) Outside

I'm using this photo for I Heart Macro this week.
studio waterstone

It hit 46 degrees on Friday, and I got a few pictures outside, which was a really welcome change of pace.

2) Backside
I took this picture from the backside of our house. I don't know where I come up with these ideas sometimes, but I love the result here.

3) Little Things

I've finally caved and started to buy a few of my favorite movies that I once owned on VHS and that have never come to instant play on Netflix. I can't believe that I've only watched this a couple times during the last few years. That's going to change now.

4) A Cup Of...
My brother and his girlfriend got us some of this tea for Christmas. The Stash peach tea has been my favorite peach tea for quite a few years, but I like this one even more.

5) Reflect
So I bought some Steve Madden boots this week. Can it still count as a late Christmas present?

Since we adopted the kittens, they've been hogging the spotlight a little bit. We certainly haven't forgotten about Angel, though, and make sure that she gets special attention every day, too.

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  1. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the nice weather and use your new camera!
    And it's great to see Angel this week :)

  2. This is a great set for this week's hunt. I love the perspective you got on your backside picture. And, oh my, we are great cat lovers here so the kitten is my favorite!!

    Hello to Angel too. I hope you have a great week! :-)

  3. I see you're having fun with your new camera! Today is the first somewhat sunny day here, but apart from a quick trip to the grocery store I have been working. Always love seeing pictures of your kitties :)

  4. It was really warm here, too. Of course, now it's 21 degrees, but it was nice while it lasted. :-)

    Love those boots! Steve Madden for the win.

  5. We have the midwest's cold weather here! It's freezing! I was too cold to take many photos on my walk with friends yesterday so I'm ready for a warm up. I like your backside photo and of course the kitties! I just love Angel's white whiskers!

  6. nice boots! And cutie kitten! Nice to be able to get outside and use the camera. We had one day of nice weather last week - I think it was Friday too. But then, it tanked! Brrr! {:-D

  7. I like the boots and I say it can absolutely count as a Christmas present :)

  8. Love your pictures! Love outdoor pics and love tea!!!

  9. Great pics. So glad you are enjoying your new camera. I am So-o-o-o jealous!

    Love the kittens. So CUTE!

  10. Love the boots! What movie is it?

  11. I love this idea!!! I've been away so long, I've missed everything. very cool and fun!

  12. It is so fun to see your photos every week! Does the black cat get along with the other 2 smaller ones? Also, I love those boots!


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