Monday, March 10, 2014

photo feature: the best of Las Vegas - part 1

This week and next week I'm sharing just a handful of my favorite pictures from my recent Las Vegas trip. I still have tons of pictures to edit, and I'll be sharing more over time. I'm happy to be posting just a few of the favorites today. Enjoy.

(Huge) fluorescent sign for a Mexican restaurant shaped like a Margarita glass.

There are a lot of fountains in Vegas, and I had so much fun shooting long exposures of them.

The pool area at Caesar's Palace.

The ducks in Las Vegas have no fear. I shot this with a 50mm from only a foot or so away.

Another long exposure water shot. So many of the fountains and waterfalls look amazing at night, too, with all of the lights.

 Railing detail in front of the Venetian.

More shots at the Venetian.

Every night The Bellagio has fountain shows on the hour and then on the 15 minute mark. I'm sure that we saw a couple dozen of them while we were there. It never gets old. This one was my personal favorite.

I'm calling this a billboard although a sign that spans the height of an entire hotel is really much more than a billboard. There is something about this shot that really appeals to me.

This is another one of my absolute favorite shots from the trip. I have taken versions of this shot during the day in Milwaukee, but it was amazing to nail it at night in a new location.

 One of the off the strip excursions that we took was to the Hoover Dam. I'm sure that I'll put together an entire post of Hoover Dam pictures at some point.

And finally, the other off the strip excursion that we took was to the Red Rock Canyon. I had never seen anything like this in person before, and there really are no words to describe what it is like when you're right there in the middle of it. This isn't necessarily my best shot from the trip, but it is my favorite view.

Stay tuned next week for part 2!

What have you been photographing lately?


  1. I like that you have shown more of Las Vegas than just the glitz. :)

  2. Wow! These are really neat shots. I love the fountains, and the city at night is awesome. I look forward to seeing more photos!

  3. Great post, oh how I'd love to go to Las Vegas. The shot of the cars is my favourite!

  4. Every year we have a girls getaway in Vegas, with exception of this year:) So lovely to see all those familiar places and... Venetian is my "home" away from home :) Lovely pictures!

  5. Fabulous photos Rose! I'm going to Vegas next month and again in May so I'll have to remember to take my camera now!

  6. Ah, Caesar's Palace -- gorgeous place! Love your fountain shots. And the rock formations are awesome -- I haven't been to Red Rock Canyon but have seen others in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Absolutely breathtaking!

  7. Such beautiful shots! I love that hot pink sign in the first photo! And all the fountains and outdoor shots are so great!

  8. Fantastic shots Rose! How lucky to get away for some warm weather and great sites.
    Everyday Inspired

  9. Dear Rose, This looks like a wonderful vacation. Thank you for posting the pictures.. I love pictures.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  10. Love these pictures.One thing about Vegas, there sure are a lot of opportunities to get some great pictures!


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