Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday is Caturday

Are you ready to start your weekend with a round up of amazing kitty pictures?

Getting ready for Vegas. I had only packed two pairs of jeans when they both jumped in to check it out.

Great entertainment all weekend long. And yes, with the suitcase being black, I did take a lint roller to it before we left.

Apollo helping me with...something right after we got back from the trip. I don't remember what I had in my lap there.

One of the best recent moments around here. They were staying warm in front of that heater vent. I'm shocked that it took them so long to discover this spot.

You would have thought that I brought a real bird in the house or that I was at least looking at a video of a bird. Apollo was literally tapping the screen at this photo of a bird.

Check out the tail.

A favorite Ares spot these days.

The days with this box are numbered, though.

Apollo living the dangerous life. I was sitting in the chair closest to the camera and didn't notice him until I nearly kicked him.

Ares bringing back one of his first favorite poses with the S.

Apollo and I spent literally three hours of a recent Friday exactly in these positions.

Battle wound above his eye. Well, what I was originally attributing to roughhousing with his brother actually appears to be some sort of skin infection. Poor guy. We'll see how he does the next few days.

Ares and Apollo have different preferred methods of sitting on my lap when I'm at the computer.

One under, one over. Priceless.

Just another day in my life. Nothing unusual.

Best sleeping buddies.

I love it when they sit the same way. I also love getting to photograph them doing something cute in natural light. It doesn't happen very often.

What have your cats been up to lately?


  1. These are some adorable photos (and kitties!) - love the second Ess shot especially!

  2. They are so cute! We have heating vents in the floor. Oliver is there in a second when the heat turns on!

  3. Those two boys are something else! Love the Ess shots and the last sleeping buddies shot! Hope Apollo's skin infection gets better!

  4. haha - Love the kitties as always. Looks like a lot of cat yoga going on over there!

  5. Cute pics of the kitties! Oliver would be sitting on the vents if we had them in the floor! So he just finds a sun puddle under one of the skylights and makes do!


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