Saturday, April 4, 2009

purple button embellishment

I decided to call my pink, red, purple, and white cuff Whimsical Manicure. It is now listed in my shop. You can see it here. Thank you so much for those of you who offered suggestions!

I also listed a new button embellished bracelet today. As anticipated, the next one that I made is purple. I'm thinking about blue for my third one.

I'm still having a lot of fun with peyote triangles as well. I may end up creating a new section for them in my Etsy shop. It would be nice to have something in there besides bracelets. Of course I actually have to finish a few more and photograph them before that can happen haha.

I ordered a new selection of beads from Art Beads today, thanks to the money I got for my birthday from my dad's parents. I may stop by the bead store in Iowa City when Jake and I are there for his Frolics' rehearsal this afternoon as well. I've enjoyed the leaf beads that I've gotten over the past year so much and would like to look for a few more there.


  1. I like this bracelet alot. The color combination, is quite lovely.

  2. Great buttons! I love seeing them used like this.

  3. Very pretty work. Love those purple buttons.

  4. Thank you so much everyone for your very sweet comments about my purple button bracelet!


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