Wednesday, July 29, 2009

continued new listings and non-Etsy sales

I have another new listing up on Etsy.

This was the first wrapped skinny cuff that I made. As you may remember, I already sold the second one that I made with gold embellishment. I have one other wrapped cuff that I'll list sometime in the next week. Other than that, I don't have any others in the works...yet. But there will definitely be more in the future because I love this look.

At the request of one of my classmates, I brought some of my jewelry with me to the last day of my last summer grad class. I ended up selling three bracelets, including two more that I hadn't even listed yet. The third one that I sold is my beloved blue embellished square stitch bracelet. I just may have to make another one!

I am really excited that my newer work has been so well received this summer. It is really encouraging and gives me confidence to keep working on my new ideas.

Here are pictures of the two bracelets that I sold that I hadn't listed yet. I bought the turquoise dotted beads for this first one over a year ago! I actually have three more of them so I may make another bracelet like this one.

This is the first leafy bracelet that I've sold!


  1. Oh that looks gorgeous..My aim is to buy something every month from Etsy shoppers with my online earnings and write about it on my blog so I hope next month I can afford to buy one!

  2. What a neat idea! That would be awesome! :)


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