Monday, October 4, 2010

continued leaf listings, treasury feature

I actually finished my newest purple/pink leafy designs before I finished the autumn designs, but with the challenge and everything else going on, I didn't list them until now.  I made the first purple/pink bracelet during the summer of 2009 and sold it before I could list it.  Now there are TWO new versions available to all of you who don't get to see me in person (or not very often anyway).

This is the shorter one.

And this is the longer one.  The exact numbers vary slightly but the bead mixes are almost exactly the same for both.  The biggest difference is the lamp work beads, but I like both.  So you win either way.
I still have a couple winter designs in the works.  I'd like to make another green/pink one like the original design at some point, too.  That is really it for leaf designs on the table right now if you can believe it.  Of course I'm always open to suggestions.

In other news from today, Sil (CloudNumberNine) included my Beadwoven Bracelet - Dotted - Red and Orange in her Pumpkin Orange treasury.  Thank you Sil!


  1. Your purple leaf bracelet is so pretty!
    lovely Fall treasury!

  2. Awesome :D Luvin the colors. I also luv the sheet music u use 4 ur displays!

  3. your jewelry is distinct and you have definitely branded yourself, which is one of the things I wrote about in my blog recently. Like your photo, too, of the bracelet "drapse" across your wrist! {:-D

  4. Thank you so much Kelly and Deb!! :)

  5. I love those colors in that bracelet! The treasury is lovely too1


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