Tuesday, October 26, 2010

crazy weather, new buttons

As I'm sure some of you know, the midwest has been hit with a lot of storms this past week.  It rained off and on all night and was still stormy this morning.

As promised here are some pictures of the new buttons that I got from my mom over the weekend.  She hit the vintage button bin at Vogue again and gave me most of the stash.

I keep meaning to make some more turquoise and red pieces.  I think that I have to now, right?

I also played around with some possibilities for new button magnets.  Most of my inventory is in great shape, but I really need to make some more button magnets before my next show in a few weeks.

Normally I design individual magnets.  I have only made a couple sets so far, but people have consistently asked for more.  I'm going to made a handful of the green, red, and marbled blue set (I have enough to do 3-4 more than what's pictured there).  While I'm working with all of the turquoise and red, I'm going to make half a dozen or so of those as well.  I have some pink/mauve/cream from my existing button collection picked out for a set, too.


  1. Great button stash you have there! Hope you are doing okay with all the storms - yikes =p

  2. you're getting our storms... heard about the tornadoes from DH this morning. WOW! Hold onto those buttons.. what fun!

  3. Thanks Kathleen! We haven't been hit nearly as badly as a lot of places in the midwest have been.

    Hope that the storms weren't too bad your way, Deb! I definitely will. :)

  4. Yeah, with that batch. red designs would probably be a good choice LOL


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