Sunday, October 3, 2010

custom order completed, newest leafy designs

I added the final detail for my most recent custom last night.  She wanted a single pearl right near her charm initials.  Thankfully I still had a little wire left over from my pearl earrings so I wire wrapped a single pearl right before the K.  She's very pleased with the result so this piece will be on its way tomorrow.

I uploaded pictures and edited the listing for my newest leafy design.  This is the smaller version of my October EBW challenge piece.  You can check it out here.

I redid my version of this design while I had the seed bead mix together from the two newest pieces.  I liked the shorter one above that I almost switched and kept that one.  But I love the long dagger and metal leaf beads so much that this one won out in the end.
I really wish that I could find more of both of those kinds of beads.  The original site that I got them from no longer carries them.  The closest thing that I've found is these bronze leaf beads from Shannon, which I did get and use for all of my recent fall designs.  The search continues I guess!

I don't have any other custom orders at the moment so my next goal is to finish my fall blogging piece.  I'm halfway there so I'm hoping to get that finished before my show next weekend.  I'll have at least one other new listing this week, too, so stay tuned.


  1. dWooHoo for another great custom order!
    And your leafy piece sure is pretty!

  2. Your new items are lovely. I received a sample of 10x10mm heart leaves (Czech pressed glass) in my last order from that are kind of cute in a tiny way. Good luck on your show!

  3. Congrats on that custom order! I like the pearl touch too. The leafy bracelet is very pretty!

  4. That's neat, Karen. :) I've received some of those hearts with my Art Beads blogging orders. They're pretty fun to work with. But I'm a fan of most Czech glass. :P

    Thanks Sharla! I like how the pearl touch turned out, too. :) That was totally my buyer's idea.

  5. nice coloring for your leafy design. Yay for custom orders!

  6. Thanks, Deb! Yep, I love custom work. :)


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