Sunday, October 10, 2010

weekend show, October EBW Challenge voting

Since I know that people are curious, I'll go ahead and post briefly about the show this weekend.  It was pretty much a bust.  I broke even, but that's about all I can say for it.  It was not a juried show, and a lot of people suffered from the lack of diversity in available products.  There were also a lot of people who were just there looking and not buying much.  I had a pretty good time and met some nice people.  Jake and I had a good time visiting some of his relatives while we were out in the Des Moines area.  It's still not a show that I'll do again.  The show that I'm doing in November is also not juried but is larger and has an admission fee so hopefully people who are coming will be more serious about buying.  Hopefully the November show will have more Christmas shoppers, too.

I took some pictures of my display.  I was against a white wall so my larger shots didn't turn out very well, but you can see closeups of my two larger tables.  I had two smaller ones on the side with my business cards, button magnets, pattern CDs, and a few other things.

Moving on, voting for the October EBW Challenge Autumn Falling of Leaves started yesterday.  You can vote at the EBW blog by clicking here.  Voting is on the right side of the page.  You can vote through October 15.  Many people chose to interpret falling of leaves loosely or simply made autumn pieces which was a little disappointing to put it nicely.  Here's my own piece again:

as well as some of my other favorite leafier entries:
Autumn Jewels Beadwoven Necklace by beadsandblooms

Maple leaves bracelet EBWC by AnnaCohen

OOAK Maple Autumn Falling of leaves Necklace October 2010 EBWC by bead4me

Autumn Leaves Bracelet - EBWC Challenge by Starwaves

Drift By My Window Beadwoven Cuff Bracelet - EBWC by littlestonedesign


  1. sorry your show was a bust. glad you have fun, though. lovely bead weavings! Now I'm off to vote!

  2. I love the big picture "postcards" you have of your items on the holders on the table. They would attract my attention and make me want to say "Ooooh, where's that in the picture??" as I scanned the table......

  3. Sorry for the show...but your tables were beautiful

  4. beadweaving is so beautiful - I love it! About the show: can't believe the small space you had there - you had a nice display. Paying to get in, for November, will definitely bring buyers... maybe some retail sellers too! Good luck!

  5. Thank you much Margaret, Dawn, Ilenia, and Deb! I appreciate all of the positive feedback about my display. I was really happy with the overall look and will change very little of it for my November show.

  6. I absolutely can not believe you folks do such beautiful intricate work - always blows me away...

  7. Thanks Edi and Grace! :) People seem to either love or hate seed bead work!

  8. Happy to hear you broke even and had a good time. It will be interesting to see the effect of the election results on sales. Consumer confidence is at an all time low, so the super glue has hit most wallets. Good luck in November. You have great products.

  9. Thanks Karen! Jake keeps talking about that, too. It would be nice to believe that the economy will turn around again at some point, but I'm not too optimistic about it being any time soon.


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