Tuesday, October 5, 2010

leafy feature number 16

What better time to bring out this feature again, right? :) Enjoy!

PETITE Edible Sugar Fall Leaves 24 by andiespecialtysweets

Gold Leaf With Pink Rhodonite Earrings by AllureByU

Colorful leaves hoop earrings turquoise, lime, and pink by SunshineDaydreamz

Summer Breeze - Antiqued Brass Leaves by Blue Swarovski Crystal Earrings by BeadedTail

Leather Leaf Pendant - Handmade by SnappingDragon

latchkey kid no. 7 antique brass skeleton key with a leaf necklace by theclaspofisis

Cotton leaf Bracelet by LeafyDesign


  1. Oh, the claspofisis's necklace is my favorite!

  2. How sweet of you to include my earrings! And speaking of sweet... edible leaves? Sounds intriguing!!

  3. You should have put the yummy sugar leaves at the bottom...I had a hard time getting past them...LOL :)
    Great features!

  4. Great leafy finds! Thank you for including my earrings!

  5. You have a lovely blog! I'm glad you picked my bracelet, thank you very much!

  6. Thanks Athena!

    You're very welcome Beth, Sharla, and MS! :)

    Edi, your comment made me laugh. I'll keep that in mind if I include food/edible items in other features haha. :)

  7. edible fall leaves? that sounds wild! Like the cotton leaf bracelet. So unusual! {:-D

  8. Thank you for featuring my Gold Leaf With Pink Rhodonite Earrings.
    Great blog!!

  9. Oh my! What wonderful leaves--every one! The crochet leaf bracelet is very unique.

  10. Deb, I know! You should check out her shop. She has a whole bunch of different leaves.

    You're very welcome Sue!

    Thanks Margaret!


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