Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Angels in the Architecture EBW Challenge piece

I listed my December EBW Challenge piece yesterday.  The theme for this challenge is Simon and Garfunkel.  I've been a big Paul Simon fan ever since I was little so there was no way that I could skip this challenge.

I talked a little about the background for this piece during my preview post, so stick with me as I recap for anyone who missed that.  One of my favorite Paul Simon songs is You Can Call Me Al from his Graceland album.  One of my favorite lines is "Angels in the architecture/spinning in infinity."  It seemed like the perfect inspiration for a beading piece so I went with it.  And this is what I created.
I combined beadweaving and wire work, which was a first for me.  I have two strands of double chain links on the outside with charms.  I have three right angle weave pieces of beadweaving in the middle.  The one in the middle also has charms while the two white ones surrounding it don't to create balance.

There are over half a dozen different angel charms as well as chapel charms, literally the "architecture" for the angels.  The tallest ones, which you can see prominently here, are 1" tall.

I think you have to see this piece on someone to appreciate how well it hangs.  It's a very comfortable cuff.  The charms do make it a little weighty, but if it fits right, you really won't notice it too much.

The beadweaving that I did was pretty simple, but it was challenging to put everything together for this piece so it wasn't too chunky and so that it hung right.  When I started creating the different components, I honestly didn't know exactly how it would fit together.  But I'm really happy with the final result.

And I have a handful of angel charms left over.  I will most likely make a pair of earrings to coordinate with this bracelet.  There will still be some left after that, so if anyone is interested in a different angel piece (like a more traditional charm bracelet), let me know.

If you've never watched the video for You Can Call Me Al, please go watch it.  Even if you know the song, the video is still well worth it.

You can purchase this piece here.  Voting for the December EBW Challenge will take place on the EBW blog December 9-15.  I'll post more information about it as it gets closer.


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