Monday, November 8, 2010

Rochester, sea glass pendants

As some of you know, I went to Rochester, MN this past weekend.

The weather was gorgeous.  Here's a shot of us with what may be our future home's skyline in the background.

I finished my sea glass pendant order when I got back.

The buyer is very pleased with everything so I'll send the pendants on their way later this week.  I'll have more details about Grace's blog giveaway earrings soon.  I'll also have my 2010 holiday special for Etsy up and running this week so stay tuned.


  1. It looks so cold there (and it's just the beginning of November - brrrr!)

  2. It was high 50's/low 60's all weekend (but windy, hence the hats), which is really warm for this time of year, especially up there. It will certainly get worse before it gets better haha.

  3. It seems to be pretty cold there! Brrr.
    Love the green sea glass pendants :)

  4. Love the pendants! You should definitely add these to your shop! The wire wrapping looks like it turned out great!

    Glad you had fun in Rochester :)

  5. As I said to Grace, the weather in Rochester was actually pretty warm over the weekend, especially for early November in Minnesota.

    Thanks Duni and Edi! I'm happy to do custom (simple) wire work like this if anyone is ever interested. I'd like to add more bracelets with wire wrapped components to my shop before I start adding any pendants like these.


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