Monday, November 1, 2010

new listing, October Top Droppers

I listed one of my newest pairs of earrings last night.  Whenever I poll people about color requests for new items, purple comes up frequently.  So here it is. :) Beaded Dangle Earrings - Peyote Triangles - Purple Striped

As always, purple is very hard to photograph, but the different shades of purple blend together beautifully in person.  I'm planning to make another purple version that matches this bracelet.  After that, I'd like to work on a few more tubular triangles for more earrings, chain links bracelets, and chain links necklaces.

The start of a new month means that it's time to thank my Top 10 Droppers on Entrecard again!  As always, I really appreciate everyone who visits my blog regularly, especially those of you who comment.  Here are the Top 10 for October:
1) The Twitterer
2) Sparkle
3) Moonangelnay on Etsy
4) BeadedTail
5) The Sewing Mom
6) Learn Affiliate Marketing
7) the crazy suburban mom
8) Dave Lucas
9) Three Fates Design
10) Patsy's Words of Wisdom

And as always, anyone on this list who is an Etsy seller and would like an item of theirs featured here, please leave a comment.  I'll feature the item of your choice in an upcoming post.  I'm choosing Sharla's (BeadedTail) for her this month.  I love her new paw print earrings! Furiends - Pawprint Polymer Clay and Black Onyx Beaded Sterling Silver Earrings

I hope that November gets off to a great start for everyone!


  1. Love purple, hate pink. Purple and yellow - the best!

  2. Pink is not my favorite color either, but purple continues to grow on me. I haven't experimented with purple and yellow together yet. I'll keep that in mind!

  3. Those new earrings are so colorful and fun! Thanks for featuring mine too! :)

  4. You're very welcome! Thank you in return! :)

  5. Yay, yay - I'm thrilled I won the giveaway - now you can try purple and yellow earrings 'cause that's what I would like very much. Thanks!!!!

  6. This will be fun! I just e-mailed you back to work out the details. :)


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