Friday, November 19, 2010

leafy feature number 21

Leaf Skeletons - Autumn Inspired Peyote Cuff / Bracelet (3270) by time2cre8

Fall Elm Leaves - Hand cut prints of original watercolor leaves (set of 20) by jenAitchison

Ceramic leaves tiles, black and white, set of 12 by dustypots

Autumn Leaf Soap in Perfect Pumpkin by spottedcowsoaps

Maple Leaf by TimothyAdamDesigns

FREE SHIPPING - Cute Ladybug Pendant by smafactory

Large and Butterfly Hair Barrette in Antiqued Brass by skybluedesigns2


  1. many gorgeous pieces! That cuff is so awesome! You bead weavers just amaze me with your talent :)

  2. Those are all really nice, that barrette is exceptional, as is the first bracelet.

  3. Great Blog!
    Thank you so much for featuring my elm prints with all these beautiful leaves :)

    Happy Autumn!

  4. Thanks Edi and Grace! You're very welcome Jennifer! :)

  5. Thanks so much for the feature, Random. Love the selections you chose for your blog post.

  6. Nice though I love the little ladybug on the cute!

  7. You're welcome, Ms. Moo!

    Me too, Theresa. :)

  8. awesome leaves! I think Etsy may have a never ending supply of great leaves :)

  9. Beautiful collection, Rose! Thank you so much for including my cuff!! :-)

  10. Thanks Theresa, Joy, and MaryLou! I agree Theresa and you're welcome MaryLou. :)


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