Wednesday, November 3, 2010

reworked to perfection

For the sale that I mentioned in my last entry, the buyer was looking at two different bangles.  She wondered how well they would coordinate because she wants to wear them together.  Instead of trying to describe it,  I took a picture.

As you can see, the greens coordinated beautifully, but the red in the Christmas bangle was a little too bright.  She wanted a different size for the Christmas bangle so when I made her version, it was easy enough to switch the bright red for darker red.  This was the result.

I would never have thought to put those two bangles together, but now they coordinate beautifully!  It got me to thinking about making more Christmas items, too.  I've been planning to make another Christmas button charm bracelet for a while.  I actually need to get going on that now...before Christmas is here.

I'm still waiting for the wire for my sea glass pendant order so I've been putting together the beads for Grace's blog giveaway earrings.  She wants bright purple and yellow (not pastel).  This was my original color palette suggestion.
She ended up deciding on the yellow with just one dark purple (I'm going with the one right next to it in this picture), which should be nice and simple.  I love these four beads together, too, so I may do something with that at some point.  Like Grace, I'm not really into pastels, but a pastel color palette could be pretty, too.  So many ideas and not enough time!


  1. I think the earrings are going to look super!

  2. To see these is to feel them the vibrant colors!

  3. I think so, too, Grace! The vivid colors will work really well.

    Thanks so much Ashley!

  4. I use purple and yellow together a lot in my scrapbooks too :)
    Your bangles look great together!

    And I hear ya on too many ideas and not enough time!!!

  5. Nice! Thanks Edi! I'm sure that we're not the only ones. :)

  6. Beautiful bangles! I'm right with you on the too many ideas not enough time!

  7. Thanks Ruthie! I know that we're not alone! :)


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