Monday, December 6, 2010

glossy or matte?

I recently ordered some new earring cards from Edi (memoriesforlifesb).  Normally Edi makes glossy cards, but she made some matte cards as well.  She's thinking about offering them in her shop at some point in the future and wanted my feedback on the finish.
The glossy ones are on the outside, and the matte one is in the middle.

I think that I like the glossy better, but it's also what I'm used to seeing.  So let me (and Edi) know what you think.

And yep, I did make more Christmas button stud earrings because the Christmas promotion with them has gone so well that my stash is getting low.  You will still get a free pair through Dec. 18 with any order from my Etsy shop.


  1. The center/matte cards are whiter on my monitor; I think they reflect more light when being photographed. It makes the earrings look clearer. But you may like the glossy for durability reasons. I don't purchase earrings, but the cards buttons are sold on are almost always glossy.

  2. On the monitor the matte does seem brighter but I think the important thing is how it looks and feels in the customer's hand. Not any help, I know!

  3. Thanks for the post Rose :)
    The matte ones do look brighter in photos, but in real life, I think the glossy ones are...LOL!
    I do think I'll offer a choice and see which sells better.

    Thanks to everyone for the comments :)

  4. I love Edi's earring cards and the ones she made me are matte which I really like. They were easily handled, cleaned up nicely with an eraser when I got marks on them or wrote the prices on them with pencil and just looked great! I'd think the glossy would have more of a tendency to show marks or indentions made by writing on them or scratching them inadvertently but I might be wrong.

  5. I'm using both matte and glossy papers. With Colors card I use glossy which make the colors more shiny.. and use matte with less colors.. I think they give different feelings for customers who receive them. Anyway, it depends on what you want for your shop like a signature. I saw someone use the brown card boards for earrings which make another feeling.
    For me, I think the Matte will be good for your black and white background. But from the photos I can't see much different. Not sure it's help.. :)

  6. Thank you for the honest feedback everyone! I hope that it was helpful for you, Edi. :)


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