Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Top Droppers, another Christmas item

Happy December!  New month means it's time to thank my Top Droppers again.  As always, thank you to everyone who drops by my blog regularly, especially those of you who comment regularly!  Your support means so much to me.  Here are the Top 10 on Entrecard for November.

1) Moonangelnay on Etsy
2) Sparkle
3) BeadedTail
4) English Wilderness: Nature Photography
5) The Twitterer
6) The Sewing Mom
7) nfall2rt designstudio
8) Dave Lucas
9) the crazy suburban mom
10) Learn Affiliate Marketing

And as always, anyone who is in my Top 10 who is also an Etsy seller is welcome to leave a comment with a link to an item in your shop that you'd like me to feature in a future post.

Usually a new month also means a new sale on Etsy.  This month I'm continuing my holiday sale section that I started last month.  I've been adding new items since I started it so please check back if you haven't been over there in a while.  I will continue to add more over the next month.

I added my second new Christmas button charm bracelet to the section earlier this week: Button Charm Bracelet - Christmas Trees.

You can see the original design here.  I've thought about making another Christmas charm bracelet with jingle bells.  Let me know what you think.


  1. I love the new bracelet! The cookie cutters are cute, but the trees just say Christmas to me :)

  2. Oh those are so cute!

  3. I really like your Christmas bracelets! Thanks for the link love and for dropping on me too! As always, I'd be up for a feature!

  4. Thank you much Edi, Grace, and Sharla! I'll pick an item of yours to feature soon, Sharla. :)

  5. Thanks for the mention! I always love stopping by and seeing your latest work!

  6. Thanks for mentioning me as one of your top droppers! I'm surprised to make the list as I've been away a couple of times in November. :-)

  7. You're welcome! Most people on my list have not dropped all 31 or 30 days during the past month.


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