Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bead organization finale

As you know, I've been organizing my beads, buttons, and findings the last few weeks.  You can read about the first couple steps of this project here and here.  This is the final installment.

This is most of my Czech glass as well as my small collection of Swarovski beads and buttons.  I know that this just looks like an ad for Art Beads.  A lot of my Czech glass is from Art Beads, but I've purchased some locally as well.  I have components that I have a lot of grouped together like leaves, daggers, and hearts.  I sorted the rest by color (except for the Swarovskis which all fit into one compartment).

I've been using these containers for a while.  I pretty much left what was already in them where it was, so there is some other Czech glass in here.  I grouped my shell beads and filled in the other spaces with random components like lamp worked beads and handmade ceramic beads and buttons.  I'm keeping the plastic letter beads but de-stashing the rest of my plastic beads.  I haven't worked with them in years.  I'm de-stashing on eBay.  If anyone's interested, let me know.

I know that some people would have a heart attack or, at the very least, would scream if they saw my seed bead organization.  But this is really all that I need at this point.  I've only been doing beadweaving and button jewelry work for three years.  My collection of beads isn't that big.  If I need delicas for a new flower garden cuff, I don't have to sort through 40 different greens to find the shades that I want.  I can simply sort through the 40 or so total shades that I have.  I have my Tohos and delicas on the left, my cube beads on the top, and my size 6/0 Czech seed beads on the right.

I have more size 11/0 Czech seed beads than anything else for seed beads.  Not all of them fit into the container so I left the ones that are in the little screw top plastic containers as is in that storage box.  As I use up other beads that I've stored in the screw tops, I'll continue to sort more 11/0's into them.

We just got a new bookcase over the weekend.  All of the boxes, along with a bunch of books, now have a new home.  I'll have at a picture up of that at some point in the near future.


  1. Impressive! I need to reorg my beads by color but keep putting it off. Congrats on completing your project. And on all those treasuries!

  2. That is such a great idea to sort by color. All of my beads are sorted by kind and size and I never can find the color I want.

  3. Now that you have your beads organized, would you mind stopping by my house for some help :)
    Now that I've started buying even more supplies (wood, leather, acylic, etc for my laser) I have an even bigger mess...LOL!

  4. Some great ideas on organizing.

    Reminds me I should post about my bead organization.

  5. Thanks ladies!

    Haha Edi. :) I would offer to help if I lived closer and I didn't have another dozen or so organization projects to work in over the next month while we get our place ready to sell. It's exciting to have new supplies, though!

    Liz, I'd love to see your organization!

  6. Your beads are pretty organized! I have everything but seed beads in two tackle boxes that hold lots and are portable. My seed beads just grew from one container to three though. Seems I have a new addiction. :)

  7. Thanks! That sounds like a good system! Haha it's amazing how quickly these little collections (addictions?) can grow.

  8. you are well organized!

  9. A big project! Congrats. I hope it will serve you well!

  10. Ilenia...haha, for now! Hopefully I can keep it up!

    Thanks Marsha!


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