Thursday, February 10, 2011

February EBW Challenge

Voting is up and running for the February EBW Challenge A Touch of Royalty.  You can vote today through the 16th at the EBW blog (the voting went up a little later than usual due to some technical difficulties so we've extended the deadline).  Members had to create a piece of jewelry designed for any royalty figure in history.  Some people chose to create pieces for fictional characters, which was interesting.  Always, the entries are stunning.  Please go check out all of them on the blog, but here are a few of my favorites.

Princess Diana Tribute Beadwoven Necklace by MaryTDesigns

Fit for a Princess Cocktail Ring by TheCrimsonMoon

Marie Antoinette - Pink Leather Cuff - EBWC by triz
For those of you who are also beaders and huge admirers of Triz's work, she now has a pattern available here for her leather cuff.

Also, who else is already excited for the March EBW Challenge Fashion Through the Ages?  I definitely already have my 80's bangle finished. I'll have it up on my Etsy shop sometime after the current challenge is over.


  1. Gorgeous pieces!
    I like the theme of this challenge - must check out the other pieces and yours!!

  2. Wow! Incredible talents! I must check this out! Thank you!

  3. That first necklace is quite lovely!

  4. It's so difficult to choose just only one masterpiece

  5. Duni, I don't have a piece in this challenge. I will in the next one.

    You're welcome, Cathryn!

    I agree, Ilenia!

  6. All gorgeous. The detail blows we away every time!

  7. It blows me away every time, too! The talent in the EBW is unbelievable.


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