Thursday, February 3, 2011

new line (with the pattern) is up and running

My new dagger fringed line is officially up and running!  You got a sneak peak of it during my Art Beads winter piece post, but now they're up for sale.  I actually listed (and sold) the first one at the end of 2010.  I'd had those blue daggers sitting around FOREVER because they were awesome, but I had no idea exactly how I wanted to create a full fringed cuff.  When I finally did put it together, I completely fell in love with it.  This may be like another version of my leaf obsession.

So I got a bunch of new daggers and have been creating new dagger pieces since Christmas.  I decided to list the one that I made for the pattern since I listed the pattern at the same time I listed this first piece.  Here it is: Beaded Cuff Bracelet - Fringed - Fall.  (Wrong time of year I know, but these colors are so gorgeous that they'll carry you through any season.)

The majority of the Czech dagger beads in this bracelet are from Etsy's own TheDespinaCollection.  She does not have a huge selection of dagger beads, but the ones that she does have are amazing.  There are a couple sets I haven't ordered yet, but I most likely will at some point in the future.

I have blue (similar to the original), a couple garden that are garden themed, and neutrals ready to go that'll be up throughout February.  That's all I have planned at this point, but as always, I'm open to other suggestions.  And for now, here is the pattern. :)


  1. Breathtaking. I hope you sell a million of these!

  2. Ok...I'm looking into my crystal ball...and I see fringed cuff bracelets in seasonal colors--Spring, Summer, match Fall's Bounty! wooooooooohoooooo Good Luck with those! They are very stylish!

  3. Thank you so much ladies! I will definitely have a spring version up soon. :)

  4. This is gorgeous, and I agree--it's something you would wear year-round.


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