Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new light box set up and a St. Patrick's Day treasury

As promised, here are some pictures of my new light box set up.
The new desk is in exactly the same spot in our condo as our old desk.  The room has a west facing window so it gets a decent amount of light during the day.  Obviously one of the reasons for having the light box is so that I can shoot in less than ideal lighting conditions, but it's nice to use the natural lighting when I can.

I wasn't happy with the light angles when the lights sat flat on the desk so I put some books under them.  It's almost exactly the same angle as before now (when the lights were positioned above, pointing down at the box).  I've been happy with it thus far.

Jake had a whole bunch of his Warhammer stuff stored on the desk, but he hadn't painted there in over two years.  So I'm using this desk now for my business cards, small stash of jewelry boxes (which I can add to as needed whenever from the box of them in the closet), finished jewelry (in the Tupperware), and some other supplies in the basket on the right back side.  The fake drawer in the front slides out for more storage which will be great for stashing "in progress" stuff away when we have company.  The two drawers under the desk are now much more organized with Warhammer stuff.  I got some more drawers for some of the other "not currently in use" Warhammer items, too, so they won't have to sit on top of the drawers like they are now.  The bigger stuff like scenery supplies will fit into some crates that we recently cleared out.

This desk is smaller than the old one so we have room next it for some other things like the shredder and garbage can.  And of course, Angel still has her little kitty bed under it, which works well because I don't sit at this desk nearly as much as I sit at my computer desk (which I'll also have to post pictures of sometime because I've put a lot of work into organizing it recently, too).  Like the little angel she is, she's already adapted to the change perfectly.

You can see some other areas of progress in this last picture, too: namely one of the bookcases and our luggage (with my tripod leaning against it...I do have a storage spot in the closet for it).  You don't want to know how all of that has looked for the better part of the last three years.

This room is still a work in progress, but the new furniture additions have been a HUGE improvement.  I'll have more pictures over the next month as the rest of the room comes together and continues to look more like a room that we actually use than like a storage closet haha.

And finally, the newest treasury that I'm in is a St. Patrick's Day treasury called Wearin' O' The Green from Mary (MaryTDesigns) with my Beaded Bracelet - Petite Garden.  Thanks Mary!


  1. Thats like my "desk" situation. I'm getting better at sitting there to work on the computer (instead of bed-hehe) but really it's just for storage. Why not work on the couch in front of the TV? Hehe.

    Cute treasury too!

  2. That looks soooo much more organized than my "desk" area. lol I have a lot of work to do....

  3. We have desktops at home so unless I bring my work laptop home, I don't have that option, Nancy, but that's okay. :)

    Haha thanks, Megan! It's taken me a long time to get this organized.

  4. So glad Angel still has her spot! :)

  5. This looks wonderfully organized...funny how having to photograph a corner of your workspace forces you to get things just right. For me the challenge would be to KEEP it organized!

  6. Thanks Judy! Haha that will definitely be a challenge for me, too!

  7. Oh.. Okay! I see. So the lights shine down through the white material... pretty neat! So the white material doesn't block out the lights at all? It must be a kind of sheer or very light material. Geez.. I wish I had an extra room! Love that desk :)


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