Thursday, October 27, 2011

new adventures with my earring cards

As many of you already know, Edi of memoriesforlifesb designed my earring cards.

Edi does awesome design work, and she prints, cuts, and punches the cards professionally.  The design aspect is one thing that I have yet to tackle when it comes to creative endeavors.  However, I'm still pretty crafty and thought that I could handle the printing, cutting, and punching side of the project.  So recently I contacted Edi to see if she'd be willing to sell PDF or JPEG files of my cards for me to print myself.  I was excited that she said yes.  We worked out the agreement, she made and sent the files, and I got to work making my own sets of both sizes of cards.

Most of the cards Edi has printed for me have been on glossy card stock.  All I have left over from teaching is matte so I'm using that for now.  I like both looks.  I purchased all of my card stock in bulk for teaching.  I forget where I got this particular batch, but generally I bought from Office Depot or Wal-Mart.

I think I got this little paper cutter from Target.  It's perfect for smaller projects like this.

Here are my cut out cards.  I trimmed a couple of them down a little more so they would all be uniform size.  Yes, I did botch a couple of them in the process.  Good thing paper is cheap!

Then I punched the earring holes.  I got my puncher from Michael's.  It's a Martha Stewart 1/16" punch.  Sorry that this photo is a little blurry.  I followed Edi's guidelines from the last set she did for me for where to punch the holes.  My dangle earrings vary a lot in width so I may need to make some with holes that are further apart.

Here are a couple cards that are punched.

Thanks again, Edi!  I will continue to use this awesome design for a long time.  I always get compliments on the cards at shows and any other time people look through my items in person.

New hub up this week: Blog Horizontal Navigation Bar: How to Create a Bar and What to Include.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you got them printed, cut and punched...they look great!

  2. Edi designed my earring cards too and I love what she did! I hadn't thought of printing them myself. Your's turned out great!

  3. Dear Rose, Very attractive display. Blessings, Catherine xo

  4. I've seen Beaded Tail's jewelry cards, and I can attest to them looking beautiful at shows! ;)

    sometimes playing with paper is the fun part, right? :)

  5. It's a LOT of work doing that kind of stuff. And that's the side of the business that people don't think about that we have to do! I could spend an hour packaging each order I think! Hahah...they look lovely, what great design work Edi does!

  6. I always liked the music notes design...

  7. awesome! those look wonderful!

  8. Those are great cards! Edi does great design work!

  9. the cards look great. That's fab that edi was willing to sell the PDF to you! You'll never run out! {:-D

  10. Very cute! Brilliant packaging idea!!!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  11. What a great collaboration! Edi does great work.


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