Monday, October 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt on Monday

Happy Halloween!  There isn't much going on here for Halloween this year besides passing out candy (which we actually did yesterday).  If you're still looking for a last minute Halloween project or costume for this year, please hop over to my Halloween DIY 2011 Pintrest board.

Thank you for all of the input about my new treasury feature format.  For the most part, people expressed interest in seeing the treasuries. I think that my compromise is this: I will continue the format from this week, but will pair a small treasury snapshot with a small item feature next to it.

Also, I'm not doing anything to celebrate it this year, but I wanted to mention that it's my 3rd anniversary of opening my Etsy shop today.  I do want to thank all of the awesome BBA ladies who have made Etsy worth it for me.  Even when sales have been slow, I've stayed because of the community.  Thanks ladies!

I'm sharing my weekly Scavenger Hunt photos today.  Enjoy!

1.  Macro/Close-Up
I went ahead and used a subject that I've had a fair amount of experience shooting in macro: jewelry.  This is a sneak peak at part of the custom order that I took at this month's craft fair.  I'll have pictures of the entire set up later this week so stay tuned for that.

2. Found Texture (material, not applied)
I bought new pajamas this month.  We may figure out some ways to insulate the second floor of our house at some point, but for now, it is not the warmest place in the house.  So I wanted something new that's warmer.  The texture of these new pajamas is amazing.

3. Home
One of the things that really makes a place feel like home to me is having pictures up.  I got a lot of my smaller frames up over the summer, but we just started hanging pictures on the wall this month.  From 2003-2008, I completed 8 cross-stitch projects, 5 of which were counted cross-stitch projects that each took me 9 months-1 year and a half to complete.  They are our main living room decoration.

4. Cover
I have at least six friends who posted the online version of The Princess Bride article from this issue of Entertainment Weekly somewhere on Facebook.  I don't read a lot of magazines, but I've been reading Entertainment Weekly since high school.  I love it because it isn't a gossip magazine.  It's actually about the business.  The reunion issue has been one of their newer features, and it's awesome.  They did a great Back to the Future reunion earlier this year.  You can see all of the online reunion clips here.

5. Tree
We live in an old house (over 90 years old), but we have a young tree in front of our house (and no tress in the back yard).  It'll be fun watching this little tree grow over the years here.  Yes, it is still fairly green here (I did take this picture this past week), but as you can see from the ground, the leaves are starting to turn.

Please check out Ashley's blog to see what other people photographed for these themes this week!


  1. I love your tree. It will give you lovely shade in front of your house in no time at all. And your wall looks great! {:-D

  2. That custom order looks interesting. Look forward to seeing the finished item.

  3. I'm enjoying seeing these Scavenger Hunts. That custom piece is looking great! I love warm pjs. We put flannel sheets on the bed last night and I slept so good snuggled in those warm sheets!

  4. It will be really neat to capture the growth of that tree on film.. and be able to say, Remember when?

    Congrats on 3 years on Etsy and I wish you continued success! You deserve it!

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Interesting topic! You are a busy girl!

  6. 3 years - nicely done. I also think you should record the life of that tree.

  7. Happy Halloween! Congrats on your 3 yr Etsy anniversary. I just had mine this year as well :)

  8. good call on the cover shot - very creative.

  9. Love the scavenger hunt photos. I haven't done anything like that but is sounds like fun!

    I'd love to live in an old house! We have tons of old Victorians and farm houses here and how fun it would be to live in one of them!

  10. One of the things I enjoy about your scavenger hunt is the commentary that accompanies the photos. It helps me get to know you!

  11. It IS fun to watch a young tree grow bigger. I'm supposing that implies you'll be in this house for a while.

    Like Sharla, I like flannel sheets, too.

    I used to do cross stitch, but haven't for a long time. I found it relaxing.

    Wow Rose! Congratulations on 3 years on etsy! I, for one, am glad you stuck around!


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