Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Top Droppers and October news

It's a new month that means that once again, it's time to thank my Top Droppers.  I really stepped up my own dropping this month and have been surprised by how many new droppers I got in return.  I especially appreciate the new bloggers I've met through Entrecard who are taking the time to comment or reply to my comments.  And as always, I appreciate anyone who visits my blog regularly, especially those of you who comment.  These monthly posts are for all of you.  I wouldn't still be here without all of your support.

Here is the Top 10 for September.
1) Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife
2) Sparkle
3) Funky Town Disco Music
4) BeadedTail
5) The Pond
7) The Soap Seduction
8) Digital Rebel 350
9) Everyday Game Plan
10) Melissa's Homeschool

Please check out some of the newest Etsy items from my top commenters, too.  I have to give shout outs to Grace of Dragon's Alley, Mandy of Beads For Brains: 365, and Catherine of Living the Gourmet who have also left me a lot of comments this month.  Thanks ladies!
Real Wood Birthday Card - Have a Tweet Birthday - Laser Engraved Cut by memoriesforlifesb

Kitty Cat Face Beaded Sterling Silver Earrings - Olive by BeadedTail

Art journal, watercolor fall fashion by storybeader

Peyote Swirl Green Peridot Purple Sterling Silver Necklace by PrettyPrettySwicy

Knit Coin Purse in Grey and Purple by nfall2rt

Laundry Bag.  Lingerie Bag.  Storage.  Roses and green polka dots by PeriDotByDuni

Sleepy horse artwork - print of my original watercolor painting - 5 x 7 by tapestry316

Sugar Scrub Sample - Mango Sorbet by thesoapseducation

Beaded Snowflake Ornament in Crystal, Silver, and White by AsteropeBC

For October, I've created a Think Pink section of my shop for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which includes these new earrings.  Remember when I previewed them here back in August?  They were so well received that I decided to list them.

All of my older pink items are in that section, too.  I'm donated 15% off all sales from there this month to the American Cancer Society.  Here are a few of the eligible items.  Check out the section for the others.


  1. Another new month already! Thanks for the shout out and for dropping on me too! That sugar scrub looks fabulous! I love your new pink earrings too!

  2. Thanks for featuring my wood card :)
    I love your pink and black bracelet in the last photo!!!

  3. great idea for the pink section! And thanks for including me in your top droppers post, even though I don't make it by every day! {:-D

  4. Thank you for linking to my blog! It's a pleasure to stop by and see all the beautiful things you have posted! :)

  5. pretty pink earrings! Think Pink section is a great idea!

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  7. I always love dropping by here - you make such pretty bracelets and earrings!

  8. Thank you so much for featuring my snowflake.

    What a good idea to have a pink section for breast cancer awareness. I really like those earrings.

  9. To all of you included, you're very welcome! I really appreciate your support!

    Thanks for feedback on my pink items and think pink section. :)


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