Thursday, May 24, 2012

2012 Christmas card preview

Yep, I've been plowing ahead with my goal to get some of my Christmas inventory finished ahead of time because we all know how crazy the holiday season can get.  Last year I was so busy from November 1 right through Christmas day, and I'm determined to enjoy it all a little more this year.  Determined sounds so festive, right?  Anyway, I already have a handful of Christmas designs and am slowly putting them together in between other projects.

This was one of my first designs.  I started with the dark green and then later made some with the lighter green, too.

I used the handful of larger titles that didn't fit so well in the original design for these cards.

As you can imagine, I had a ton of word scraps left over so I turned them into collages.

I have no idea where I get some of my ideas.  One of Jake's favorite parts about living in Milwaukee is Sprecher root beer.  We always have Sprecher root beer in the house.  I got inspired to make Milwaukee Christmas cards out of the cardboard packaging.

I think it will be a neat addition for my local holiday shows.

I made a set of Dwight Christmas cards.  There are so so many great holiday quotes from The Office.  It's been so hard to pick just a few favorites.

That quote is from this episode.

I've mostly been focusing on A7 size cards this far, but I will offer some mini cards (approximately A2) that can double as gift tags as well.  Among other things, I have a bunch of snow scraps that I'm going to use for some of those smaller cards.

It's hard to believe it, but July is only a little more than a month away!  I'm not planning to sell a lot of cards on Etsy for Christmas in July, but I am planning to re-stock my most popular Christmas jewelry designs and launch a few new designs.  As we head into June here, I need to start working on that.

Are you thinking about Christmas yet?

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  1. Great idea to start on these early! Nov. and Dec. always get too crazy!
    Fun new designs :)

  2. I can't believe you are already thinking about Christmas cards. This is just another example of why I could never be crafty. I would probably come up with the idea on December 20th.

  3. I would guess that you need to stay ahead of the curve all the time so now is a good time to take stock in what your have or what you don't have. Good for you.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. You are right to start early, Rose!
    I really need to try and stock up my Etsy shop, got
    a lot going on here at the moment ;-)
    The word scraps are very pretty!

  5. I love humorous cards! That office one cracks me up!

  6. I love the Office Card!
    Stopping by from Blogging buddies.

  7. Love the cards, Rose. And better to have too much than not enough at Christmas, right? At least then you can have an after Christmas sale.

  8. I'm definitely not thinking Christmas yet, though kudos to you for getting a head start! I probably should start planning earlier this year...I'm thinking maybe this summer I'll start. :)

  9. Actually, Yes, I am thinking of Christmas, but only in terms of a possible wholesale order of pillow covers. I want to do some Christmas Embroidery for my primitive covers. Haven't started yet, tho!

  10. Great cards - nice to have some with a local appeal, too! I like the first ones - so pretty! I haven't thought about Christmas themed items, but I have been thinking about new things for my shop that will be great for gift giving. I have a few 'in progress'...

  11. Nice. I like your Office card. I pretty much watch The Office non-stop while I'm doing other things.

  12. I give you props Rose, I could not be thinking about Christmas right now!

  13. Christmas already? I'm not thinking about it at all since right after Christmas is tax season and I do not want to think of that! I do like your cards though!

  14. Love the Dwight card! I can't wait for the Christmas season!

  15. No I'm not thinking of Christmas quite yet but if I were selling like you do I sure would be. It looks like you got a good start on it

  16. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who's already got an arsenal of Christmas cards ready to go. My favorite time to make cards is Christmas, so I'm always thinking of new designs too! Your new X-mas cards are great! :-D

  17. Dear Rose, I am glad that you are preparing ahead. It will make the holiday much easier. I can't believe that Christmas is as close as it is! I am never ready ahead of time, at least one of us will be.
    Have a beautiful evening. Blessings dearest, Catherine xoxo

  18. impressive--preparing ahead and your creativity!

  19. I like the 3rd from the top, love text in artwork. Never too early to prepare for the holidays. Thanks for kicking it off! Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

  20. The cards look very sweet. Good idea for the smaller ones to double for gift cards, if it suits the buyer. I'm not thinking of Christmas at all yet, or Christmas in July! {:-D

  21. Wow, that is so impressive that you are already working on your Christmas inventory. I always say I am going to and I never get enough done. I am going to try again this year,, thanks for the motivation.
    Everyday Inspired


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