Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a mystery unveiled

The distinctive camouflage markings are barely visible through the thick underbrush.  Most people pass right by them without even stopping for a second look.  The person who is meant to find them is the only one combing every square inch for a tiny glint of metal or sun reflection off of the glass.  The thin camouflage piece has a silver key and a bottle with a message attached to it.  The bottle holds a seemingly meaningless scrap of paper.  Only the intended recipient will be able to decipher its message.  This message will lead the recipient to the door that requires the key and that is hiding away the treasuries just beyond it.

The June EBW Challenge is Mystery.  You can read more about it here.  I love mysteries and was excited about the narrative element that this challenge could include.  It took me a couple weeks to put together this concept and then a couple more weeks to create the piece.  Putting together the concept was the real challenge for me for this piece.  And yes, it does include one of my new bottle charms!  I'm excited about that.

Like all of my wrap bracelet/necklace pieces, this can be worn as a bracelet or necklace.  Both charms are detachable, giving you the option to wear it with both charms, one charm, no charms, or any other charms of your choosing.  While the charms add a substantial presence to the piece, they are extremely light weight.

This piece is available for sale here.  As always, if you're interested in something similar but with different colors, charms, size, etc., don't hesitate to contact me.  Voting for the June EBW challenge will take place the beginning of June.  I will post all of the information about it then.  To get a sneak peek at the current entries, search EBWC on Etsy.

What have you been working on lately?  Have you taken on any new challenges?

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  1. That is so cool and beautiful too! Wow, you are so creative and your execution is just stunning ;)

  2. That's a really cool theme! I love it:)

  3. I love the bottle charm. It is absolutely adorable.

  4. I like the narrative for the theme and where you took it.

  5. Nice. I like the camoflauge neck piece.

    My challenge for the week: building up an inventory of ready-to-ship pieces.

  6. Great piece! Still not sure if I can come up with a good idea in time to enter this one or not. lol

  7. Great theme and your necklace is fantastic!
    Everyday Inspired

  8. Love your take on the theme! Your piece is beautiful too! Very creative Rose!

  9. Now those are cool. I love them.

  10. wow, that is an amazing piece!
    I love the key you chose as well as the little bottle
    with a message :)

  11. What a wonderful piece! Perhaps the theme was inspired by a Sherlock fan -- I was sad when this season ended.


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