Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Top Commenters and June News

Happy June!
Who else is so excited for the beginning of summer?

Biggest Announcement of the Month
Let's just get right to it because I'm so excited about it. I've been working really hard this past month to get my SmugMug account up and running. I have my pricing structure in place and a number of photo albums together. Of course I will keep adding more, but there is plenty to choose from already. Go check it out and spread the word!

Top Commenters
As always, I really appreciate all of the feedback that I get on this blog. It means a lot that so many people take time to share their insights with me.  Thanks to Catherine of Living the Gourmet for stopping by and commenting regularly! Check out goodies from some of my other top commenters who are selling their handmade items online.




Blog Sponsors and June Advertising
I have an awesome round of blog sponsors! These lovely ladies all have Etsy shops and/or blogs. Check them out on the left hand side of my blog under "Private Sponsors." Would you like to join them? It's only to advertise $3 per month or $10 for 4 months with me. Check out all of the details about it right here.

Bring It On June!
  • Jake and I are starting the month with a trip to Chicago to see the Book of Mormon (which will have already happened by the time this post goes live). We're following it up the next weekend with a Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concert featuring the music of Mad Man and then Wicked in Milwaukee the following weekend. How can June possibly be a bad month?
  • Before the month even started, I already had a whole slew of freelance client jobs in place. I love having that work waiting for me and not having to scramble for jobs each week.
  • I kept my holiday traffic going strong on HubPages through Mother's Day this year, which was a considerable extension from Easter last year. My numbers are still about twice where they were this time last year, so I really can't complain. I'm anticipating a pretty decent Fourth of July spike. Otherwise I'll keep building my base through the summer.
  • Many of you who follow me on Facebook know that I've been able to get out with my camera a lot more since the weather got nicer. I'm taking considerably more photos than I've been able to share here in a timely manner, which is a good problem. I'm hopeful that June will bring a lot more great opportunities to take photos.

What is going on with your blog and/or business for June?


  1. Congrats on getting your SmugMug up and running!
    I love all the purple features here. Thanks for including my album :)

  2. Congrats on SmugMug! I love the lavender features. I especially love the journal. I love journals for writing, drawing or magazine clippings. That journal is especially fun! Thanks so much.

  3. Woohoo for Smug Mug! I hope it does well for you. Thanks for featuring my purple earrings! Like Edi, I love the purple theme.

    It sounds like you have quite the month lined up. I hope you have a great time and continue enjoying using your camera in the summer weather!

  4. Woohoo! I'm checking out SmugMug right now. :) Thank you, too, for the shout-out. You're awesome! I am commenting so late...been at meetings all day, but I hope you've have a wonderful day!

  5. looks like you're really going strong on the internet! I had forgotten the name of that weeksite - SnugMugs! Cute name. And your activities for the month sound luscious! Good for you and Jake, to get out there and enjoy the arts! {;-D

  6. Yay for getting your Smug Mug gallery up and running! Looks great Rose! Sounds like summer is off to a great start for you and Jake too! Thank you for featuring my bracelet and for commenting on my blog too! :)

  7. Your SmugMug site looks great, Rose!
    sounds like lots of exciting things are happening!

  8. Wishing you great success with Smug Rug! Your photos are pieces of art!
    Thank you for including me in your beautiful purple and lavender features!
    And hooray for the growth in Hub Pages!!

  9. Pretty purple feature! Thanks for the link love :)
    And congratulations on your new site, Rose!!

  10. Congrats on the SmugMug site! I know you will do well! You are so organized and disciplined. Thanks again for the shout-out!

  11. Wow you have a June packed with lots of amazing places to go and things to see, lucky you! I hope you enjoy your shows and your visits. Thanks for featuring my earrings, it's such a nice feature. Sounds like you are going to have a busy summer, I hope it's a productive one as well.
    Everyday Inspired


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