Tuesday, June 25, 2013

photo outtakes

Today I'm sharing something that I haven't shared in way too long: photo outtakes. It is easy to assume that bloggers who put together posts with great photos only take great photos. While I am really proud of the fact that I continue to improve my photography, I still discard a lot of my photos for a number of different reasons. Here are just a few examples of my photo outtakes.

Now that I'm shooting in black and white for at least part of every photo excursion, I'm learning so much about contrast and when I want to shoot in black and white vs. color. The contrast here isn't terrible, and I could improve it with some minor editing, but I think that color would have been better. Gray rocks against a gray background of almost the same shade doesn't really work.

Anyone who takes pictures of their pets ends up with photos like this, even with an SLR.


Now that I have a lens with manual focus, I'm challenge myself to use it on a regular basis. There's definitely a learning curve.

 Sometimes when I'm using auto focus, I take the shot without making sure that the focus is the way that I want it.

The contrast just didn't work for this one.

Sometimes I don't check which setting I'm using before I take a picture.

Sometimes I clearly don't know what settings I should be using to get the aesthetic that I want. I took a few pictures of jelly fish at the zoo earlier this month, and they all look like this. It's kind of cool, but the colors are way off.

I'm not using a tripod with my SLR...yet. It can be limiting. I did get a couple great shots of this waterfall, but it would have been considerably easier with a tripod.

 This isn't a terrible picture, but it isn't a very interesting composition. The background doesn't work against the bike.

The roof of the church is white, and it completely disappeared against the sky.

Don't be afraid to share your outtakes once in a while! It makes everyone feel better.


  1. You should see my kitty outtakes ;-)

  2. I love the outtakes post. I actually like the jellyfish outtake. That does look really cool.

  3. I probably have 100 outtakes of trying to get a good picture of Harley...lol!
    But that's the great thing about digital...take 1000s and just save the best ones, doesn't cost any more to take extras :) I sure don't miss the days of film!

  4. Yep, it's always fun to see your foot or the camera strap in a pic! Or seeing a kitty blur because I forgot to set the camera on an action setting!
    Ditto on what Edi said : )

  5. Ahahaha. I have so many pet pictures like that! I agree with Ayla that the jellyfish is cool!

  6. Great post! I have a bunch of pet photos just like yours! Punkie will look into the camera so sweetly, but Bubba hates the camera and runs away. Most of my pictures of him are of him running away.

  7. Now I feel better since I have a lot of outtakes too! Isabella sits like a statue pretty much all the time until I click for a photo and then she moves at the last second. So, frustrating!

  8. Oy! I have a lot of these kinds of photos. Thanks for sharing.

  9. My human says one of the important parts of photography is knowing when a photo is bad... and WHY. And trust me, she has a lot of photos that look pretty similar to yours!

  10. Love digital. I've learned to take at least two photos of everything, just in case. Remembering to change the exposure is often my downfall.

  11. Great post!! I sure have a lot of photo outtakes too, I always take a few pictures of each thing to make sure I at least get one good shot... That doesn't even always work. lol!

  12. Hahahaha. I take soooo many bad pictures. If I'm trying to instagram my outfit it's usually a 5-minute process of standing there trying not to be blurry.

  13. I think the jelly fish photo is very cool, and I really like the first black and white. It's interesting to see your outtakes, thanks for sharing.
    Everyday Inspired


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