Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday is Caturday

Are you ready to start your weekend with an amazing round up of kitty photos?

Usually the cats could care less about socks, but Ares viciously attacked this pair as soon as I took them off.

Apollo living the dangerous life.

Enjoying The Princess Bride.

Apollo gets super needy when I'm getting ready to go somewhere in the morning (as opposed to working at home). I actually wasn't going anywhere right away that day, so I'm not sure why he was so clingy.

Ear folded over. Priceless.

I have no idea how or why the cats put the S up on the Styrofoam like that.

The ever popular laundry basket.

Jake and I got an exercise bike as an early Christmas present to ourselves. It will take us weeks to get as much exercise with it as the boys have already gotten with the box and packaging.

Note the Styrofoam on the nose.

Ares was acting like a little kid while I was making dinner one night so I picked him up and let him watch me cook. He loved it.

Enjoying some kitty TV on YouTube. Do you see the squirrel?

Ares looking just like a little person with his mouth open and a magazine open next to him.

Ares having an early morning pillow fight with one of the pillows after I made the bed.

What have your cats been up to lately?


  1. So The Princess Bride only got One Cat Up, while the YouTube Squirrel got two? I think I will stick to the squirrel!

  2. The cat s up on the foam is a really funny photo! I'm surprised he got it there/could balance like that.

  3. They are so funny and then they turn around and are so adorable! Love the styrofoam on the nose! Thanks for the Caturday smiles!

  4. Love Caturday! They sure do have the life don't they? Spend their days playing, snuggling, and just having fun!

  5. These cats never fail to make me smile! What a pair! My cats love empty boxes, too--big ones, small ones, it doesn't matter.

  6. LOVE these!
    They are getting to be too big for the laundry basket ;-)
    I wonder if your leather couch is scratched yet...

    1. Thanks!

      Carrying one of the cats in a full laundry basket up two flights of stairs is a good workout. :)

      There are some little scratches in the leather furniture but nothing major. Their Soft Claws make a huge difference.

  7. Dear Rose, I love looking at pictures!! I also love the Princess Bride!
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo


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