Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Feature: color indecision

Last week I put together a new treasury.

I love this concept so much (surprise, right?) that I'm continuing it today for my feature post. Enjoy!

What is your favorite color?


  1. Happily I have reached the point where I do not have a favorite color! Or my favorite color depends on the day of the week and the mood I am in...

  2. Purple used to be my favorite color, hands down, but then I kind of got sidetracked and now I am indecisive, too!

  3. I am still drawn to purple but am learning to appreciate other colors. I really like that love block!

  4. Yellow, all the way! Purple is also good too, but never ever together! ;o)

  5. those booties are so cute! Would live to see a baby wearing them!
    Like the birdie and her chick too! {:-D

  6. Awe... Thanks for including me here Rose!! SO very sweet of you!! Hoping you are enjoying the Holidays!!! :)


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