Wednesday, February 26, 2014

photo outtakes

Welcome to another round up of photo outtakes! I think that it's really important to discuss the fact that I take a ton of photos to get a few gems. Also, while I keep improving my skills, I still make a lot of mistakes.

 I really love the fuel sign, but this picture is pretty boring.

The inevitable auto focus fail.

The inevitable blurry kitty, although this shot still makes me laugh.

This shot isn't just an auto focus fail. It's a big blurry mess. Thankfully I did get a shot of these plants that I really did like.

Dizzying angle.

Totally shadowed. I could recover a fair amount of the image post process, but isn't worth the effort for a shot that's so dark.


Product photo fail. You would think that I could nail this shot every time, given how many times I've taken it over the past six years, but sometimes it still doesn't work out so well.

Another ridiculous angle.

It was the wrong time of day to nail this shot. There was way too much glare.
Don't be afraid to share your outtakes every once in a while. It makes everyone feel better.


  1. The extreme angle shots? Whoa - made me a little dizzy just sitting in my chair - and yet - I like them!

  2. I try to play with fun angles sometimes and end up with something similar to your outtakes. I still haven't gotten those down yet.

  3. I love this post! I read somewhere that all photographers, even the pros, take a lot of shots to get a few good ones. Thankfully, with digital cameras, you can take as many as you like and adjust as you go. I'm still learning about all the settings on my camera after a couple years. I try to shoot in manual as much as I can, but I'm slow with adjusting the settings sometimes, and unless I'm by myself, I think I'm taking too long and everyone's waiting for me. Also, I cannot shoot in manual if I'm trying to take photos of kids because they just won't sit still for more than a second.

  4. Maybe you could get those extreme angle shots in a funhouse somewhere!

  5. Dear Rose, Beauty is very individual. Some of these shots may be blurry and out of focus, but are very interesting indeed.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  6. Great post! I am partial to crazy angles and have MANY of them myself. Not to mention auto focus fails. Ugg.

  7. Whoa, that first bad angle shot is a doozy. Kind of like something you'd see on a roller coaster.

  8. I get dizzy too but I admire your creativity!


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