Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day color combinations with buttons

Last year I put together some Easter color palettes with buttons. It was so much fun. I finally got around to putting together another one, this time for Valentine's Day. Enjoy.

I started with some mini buttons that are just under 1/4" in diameter. I keep a large stash on hand because I use them in a lot of my button charm bracelets. They add a fun little pop of color to all sorts of different projects. I kept this palette pretty classic for Valentine's Day.

I mostly use these square buttons in assorted sizes for magnets. Of course as this set came in a Valentine's Day palette, I had to pull some of them out for this shoot. Adding buttons in shapes other than round provides a nice variety. They aren't always easy to find, but it's worth the effort.

Of course you don't have to use hearts for Valentine's Day projects, but you certainly can. I have found heart buttons in other colors on occasion, but I can buy this mix in bulk so I've gone through quite a lot of it. I love the range of sizes and shapes here (i.e. small fat hearts, tall skinny hearts).

I selected some transparent buttons and took out the red to make a lighter, more feminine palette. You could pull the dark purple and substitute a lavender to make it even lighter.
 I recently picked up these silver buttons in a bigger mix and am still figuring out how I'm going to use them. Of course I love the light blue paired with the red here, and I think that the dark purple and silver balances it well. If you want something that feels traditional but has just a bit of a unique flare, this palette is a great choice.

Finally, I pulled some wood buttons from Edi and added them to a classic palette. This is a perfect option for including a natural material in a project while still using popular Valentine's Day colors.

Are you still working on last minute Valentine's Day projects? If you have any favorite Valentine's Day color palettes, share them in the comments!


  1. I'm not doing much for Valentine's Day. I did see some heart-shaped gift tags in the dollar spot at Target that are just plain cardboard, so I might fiddle with those later today. We'll see if I end up with anything cute!

  2. What fantastic photos of your buttons!
    I guess I'm not really working on any Valentine's projects. My valentine is away and everything I wanted him to have had to be sent along, already!

  3. I like the heart buttons and the square ones -- they are like coloring outside of the lines!
    I only made two things for Valentines, and one has sold so that's a good thing!

  4. I love the colors of Valentines Day and of course the hearts! They're the reason it's my favorite holiday!

  5. I love all of the pinks and reds and I spotted the wooden ones from Edi straight away :)
    I still have tons of buttons left from my DIY project...it was a lot of fun sorting through them!

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  7. Nice color combination for all your cool buttons. I love the square and heart buttons, I am a sucker for non-traditional button shapes.
    Everyday Inspired


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