Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What's Up For February

January was a tough month. While there is nothing that automatically changes when the calendar rolls over to a new month, it's nice to get that little fresh start. I'm glad to be moving on and looking forward to bigger and better things for February.

  • Getting back into craft fair mode. I've been making jewelry the past couple months, but I haven't been working on much else for craft fairs since my last show wrapped up in early December. My next show is in early March, and I will most likely have at least one more show in the spring. I want to revamp my price tags and price signs, make new small inventory, and roll out some new packaging for my smaller items.
  • Embracing Bubblews. The cool place for writers to be these days is Bubblews. It's something of a cross between a social media site (i.e. Facebook) and a dedicated writing site (i.e. HubPages, Squidoo) where you get paid for views, likes, and comments on your content. I've had an account for over a year but literally didn't do anything with it until the fall. There are a lot of things about the site that I don't love. However, I think that it could be a worthwhile time investment. I am enjoying the writing format and am hoping that with more practice, writing and networking there will become a more natural part of my routine that won't compromise blogging, HubPages, or client writing.
  • Planning for a vacation. As I've mentioned before, the furthest that Jake and I traveled in 2013 was Chicago. Last month I eluded to the fact that we did have a winter vacation in the works. It's taking us a ridiculously long time to get the logistics together, but we will be heading to a warmer-than-winter-in-Milwaukee destination later this month. I can't wait.
  • Taking more pictures. Lately there have been a number of things that have prevented me from getting out and taking pictures as much as I normally have been the past couple years. I miss it so much. Lousy weather or not, I'm determined to get out of the house and take more pictures again this month.

What are you up to this month?


  1. Yay for a vacation! :-) I wish we were escaping this weather, too, but I'll just live vicariously through you.

    This month is more of the usual for me: School is finally underway, and I've been working on my new product and website.

  2. I can relate to 'less photography'. i'd been chained to my desk for weeks it seemed, finally told husband i needed a sunday drive with camera in tow. he brought me to see the snowy owls frequenting our coast this year. it was awesome, even though there was was a raw, wet day. sometimes you just gotta do it anyway. today's walk with camera in tow, was much nicer with sun. here's to getting out and about with your camera Rose!

  3. You are always so organized and focused! It's a joy to read this--inspiring.

  4. Hi, Rose! It's been so long since I've been around that I either didn't know or forgot you were in Milwaukee. I was there recently and had a blast. I've only ever been there twice...both times my boyfriend took me to this amazing three-story antique shop..I totally forgot what it's called now. Ugh! I love it there so much. And I just adore the indoor market! I could totally live in Milwaukee. It's a great place!

    1. Hey Amy! I've been in Milwaukee for two and a half years now. It is so funny that you should mention that antique shop because I just went there for the first time (to take pictures with a friend) last week. It's called Antiques on Second, and it's pretty amazing. I really love Milwaukee, too. :)

    2. Yep, that's the one! It's my favorite antique place! And I love how they have the hot drinks and cookies on the first floor
      I've gotten some great stuff there and can't wait to go back. :)

    3. That's awesome. :) They still have hot drinks and cookies on the first floor. I hope that you get a chance to go back soon!

  5. I love the vacation planning bit :)
    Sounds like you're well-prepared for the coming weeks. Looking forward to you new jewelry and packaging ideas!

  6. Two of your goals are on my list as well. I definitely plan on taking more pictures! There is a customer of ours at the clinic who lives near me and not that I'm not working there anymore, she wants me to start walking with her. I haven't warned her yet that I stop often to take photos!

    A sunny warm place is on our agenda as well, except we'll be leaving in March. All my brothers and sisters will be meeting in Florida for my step-mom's birthday. Will be a blast!

    Good luck on your February goals!

  7. Vacation planning always makes things perk up for me! I need to get out and take more photos too. Heck, I just need to get out of the house period! We don't have snow or rain but work sure puts a damper on fun.

  8. Craft shows, writing, vacation and pictures...sounds like it's going to be a good month :)


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