Monday, February 10, 2014

photo feature: walking on the ice

I've been out walking on the ice that forms on Lake Michigan in the winter twice this winter. I actually shared the second excursion on Thursday with my Lake Michigan post. I'm sharing the first one today, which was back in December. Enjoy.

Are you curious about what this place looks like in the summer? Check it out over here!

Have you been taking any cold weather pictures lately?

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  1. Wow..look at that ice!! So much of it. It looks like you are in Iceland or something. Who knew it's just WI. It's been cold here but there has hardly been any snow. We are suppose to be getting a snow storm on Wed ..but they have been saying that almost every week and yet no snow. It will be nice to have some snow so I can go out and take pictures!

  2. Wow! That is some ice! I saw an article the other day about how there's record ice cover on the Great Lakes this year or something. I've totally never seen ice anything like that.

  3. Brrrr, that's really cold looking! Fun though to see the differences between winter and summer! Tthat fourth pic kind of looks like a polar bear behind the mound of snow!

  4. Those pictures made me shiver! That last one is cool (no pun intended)!

  5. Wow! I believe that those are my favorites of all the pictures you have taken! It looks like you slipped away to another continent. I really have to get over to the Lake and get some pictures while it's still cold. Love them all!!!!

  6. Cold can be BEAUTIFUL -- and your photos capture that beauty ....but it's still cold.

  7. Fantastic collection of winter photos. I love those shots of the ice on the rocks.
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