Saturday, September 26, 2009

Christmas already?! and a new version of She Smiles and It's a Rainbow

I went ahead and listed my Christmas leafy bracelet today. Hopefully it's not too early!

I also uploaded my new pictures of She Smiles and It's a Rainbow and changed the listing to indicate that there is a version in stock now. It's about 3/4" shorter than the previous version, putting it right around 7 1/4" which is a more standard size.

I created a new rainbow design as well while I had my rainbow mix assembled and will list that sometime in the next couple days, too. I spent last night completely redoing the green leafy bracelet that I'd made for my co-worker's niece a couple weeks ago. I put even more security knots in this one than I usually do in my leafy bracelets. Hopefully it will hold! I feel badly that that happened. I have one piece of my own that needs redoing for the clasp, but I'm going to put that off for a little longer and work on some new pieces this weekend.


  1. For some people, I don't think it is EVER too early for I love the She Smiles and It's a Rainbow bracelet.

  2. Haha yep you're right. There are definitely some people who get excited about Christmas all year round.

    Thank you! I sold one this summer and decided that I had to make another. :)


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