Saturday, September 19, 2009

Emerald City revisited again

Before I post my pictures of the newly remade Emerald City, I'll mention a minor frustration that happened earlier this week. I went to Michael's and discovered that they have completely gotten rid of their Czech seed bead collection. It's relatively easy to find size 11 Czech seed beads elsewhere, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to find size 6, especially around here. Both of the bead shops that I frequent when I'm back in Chicago carry a wide variety of them, but the Iowa City shop does not. Neither Art Beads nor Fire Mountain Gems carry them. I like using Japanese seed beads for some projects, but size 6 Czech seed beads are a staple for many of my designs. I guess I'll have to stock up when I am in Chicago. I may not be back again until Christmas, though, and I'm a little worried about my supply dwindling before then. If anyone has any advice about where to order them online, I would appreciate it!

Since I sold the most recent version of my Emerald City right angle bracelet at the end of the summer, I decided to make another one. I ended up making two of them in different sizes. One is 6" long (the standard size for previous version) and one is slightly longer at just over 6 3/4" long. Here's a closeup of the longer version and then a picture of both of them. You can view the Etsy listing by clicking on either picture.


  1. Have you tried any online bead shops?

    or try a google search. I don't buy those types of beads, but I know that I have seen them online when I am buying my supplies..just cannot remember exactly where. You may find that they are cheaper than Michaels.. most online sites are!

  2. As I already mentioned in my post, both Art Beads and Fire Mountain Gems do not carry the specific type and size of seed bead that I'm looking for. I will try Rings 'n Things, though. I have done a little searching and found a couple possibilities. I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences with specific sites before I tried something new. Czech seed beads are pretty cheap everyone so that really isn't a huge concern. I just need to be able to find them!


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