Friday, September 18, 2009

new banner/layout, trade, rainbows

Thank you so much to Talina of ripperarts who designed my new banner and avatar for me! She had designed my previous banner and avatar as well. I liked them so much that I decided to ask her to make these newer ones that reflect my current work, and she was so kind to do so. I changed my layout on this blog to match the colors and have gotten a couple compliments on it already. I created a new Entrecard to match as well. Anyone who approves one of my ads tonight or later will see the new card.

I completed a trade with Stationarycreations this week. She sent me a dozen of her Holy Night Christmas cards in exchange for one of my bracelets. I got the cards today, and they are beautiful. I am already looking forward to sending them this year (not that I need much to get me excited about sending Christmas cards!). She is interested in another one of my bracelets as well. She may make me a set of thank you cards to match my business cards for it.

I have been working on a couple different rainbow designs this week, one new and one remake. Here is the bowl of seed beads that I put together for my rainbow work.


  1. I like your new banner and Entrecard picture. The "rainbow" beads look so enticing!

  2. Thank you! I photographed the first new rainbow piece tonight so I'll have the listing up pretty soon.

  3. I love your rainbow bowl of beads. What a great visual!

  4. Love your Entrecard avatar! Thanks for stopping in to see me!

  5. Thank you! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. :)


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