Friday, September 25, 2009

leaf feature number 3

I will be listing at least one new item this weekend. I also had a sale this week on Etsy, and I completed another trade with Stationarycreations. The second trade was for a set of thank you notes, as I had previously mentioned might be a possibility. Thanks again, Deb! I have not gotten a lot of beading done this week, but I did photograph new pieces. All in all, still a good week for sure.

After you check out my newest favorite leafy creations, you should also check out BeadedTail's Friday Features for today, which also featured some lovely leafy items. Enjoy!

Maple Leaf Pendant Free Shipping US
by marriageofmetal

Autumnal Garden Beadwoven Bracelet Garden
by littlestonedesign (fellow EBW member!)

Fall Leaves Set of 10 Notecards
by jitterbugstationary

Autumn Leaves set of 10 polymer clay beads by summeresque

Autumn Leaves by coryrenee

Vintage Enamel Leaf Pin by Suzeeez

Autumn Embers by SmileyMoo

leaf pendant by theRedCanary

Another Fallen Leaf by Rebecca Salcedo
by smellyrhino


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