Wednesday, September 30, 2009

new listings

I have a couple new listings up. The first is my final (for now) new rainbow creation. I made two different versions of it.

A shorter one which I photographed in about the best lighting ever.

A longer one that I photographed in less than desirable lighting but is still an equally neat piece of jewelry. I'm still getting used to the fact that the large amount of sunlight that worked really well with my old camera now creates overexposure very easily with the new camera.

While I still had part of my rainbow mix in my bowl, I created this simple double stranded right angle weave bracelet.

I have had considerably more time for beading this week than I did the week before and will have a couple more pieces to list by the weekend, assuming that I can get some good natural light photographs by then.


  1. Your rainbows are just lovely!! What a great transition you've designed here. And yes, isn't lighting tricky?? I have trouble scheduling my shooting TIME with the best light TIME!

  2. I love your rainbow bracelet. Something to go with anything.

  3. Thank you ladies! The trick during the school year is definitely getting the timing to line up right. During the summer it's easier because I'm around more during the day. I've been doing most of my shooting on the weekends lately.

  4. What a beautiful rainbow bracelet! Love it!


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