Wednesday, January 12, 2011

back in stock continued

Over the weekend I updated the listings for a couple more pieces that I made new versions of during my time off over the holidays.

Since I started making earrings last year, a few of my designs have really done well so I've made multiple versions of them now.  These light green triangles are one of them.  They're available here.

I sold the original version of this design over the summer.  I'm not sure why it took me so long to make a second version.  It's so simple and classic.  And wasn't I just recently writing about how awesome red is?  This version includes a button clasp from Etsy's own Lisa Peters (lisapetersart).  This bracelet is available here.


  1. that is awesome! nice button - now, how do you make a button? oh - clay. right... {:-D

  2. Awesome new pieces. It's nice when your designs are liked by the masses and you get to make more- hope you're having fun!

  3. I am especially fond of that bracelet Rose! So pretty.

  4. They are so simple but so stylish^_^

  5. Haha yep, Deb, most of Lisa's buttons are made out of clay. I've seen some awesome polymer clay and fused glass buttons on Etsy, too.

    Thank you so much everyone!


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