Friday, January 7, 2011

first lanyard

I had a custom order before Christmas for a purple shell bead lanyard.  As I mentioned earlier this week, my shell bead design continues to be very popular, particularly in purple.  At the time, I only had the earrings available for purple.  The OT that I work with at my school liked them so much that she ordered a bracelet and a lanyard with the same beads.  I got the bracelet together pretty quickly but this took a little longer with all of the other Christmas orders.  I was supposed to get it to her today, which got delayed.  But she's seen the pictures already so I'm still posting this today.

I know that the colors look a little washed out in this first picture.

They look better in the light box.
This is honestly the first lanyard that I have ever made.  I'm pretty pleased with the result.

I've had a difficult enough time keeping my shell bracelets and earrings stocked without adding lanyards to my inventory.  So I'm not planning to make more of these in the near future.  But as always, if you'd like a custom one in any color, please let me know.  They're $40.  Also, if you missed this earlier this week, the bracelet in this color is back in stock now.


  1. Very cool! Much nicer than those plasticy things :P

  2. I would think word will get around school, and you'll have more orders. Pretty! {:-d

  3. That is a great looking lanyard. I agree with'd better make more because there will probably be more orders from around the school.

  4. Thank you so much everyone! I'll let you know if I get other requests when she starts wearing it. :)


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