Thursday, January 6, 2011

leafy feature: the new year edition

I already have a post planned for tomorrow so I'm doing my feature on Thursday instead this week.  A lot of people purchase new planners and/or calendars in January so I thought it would be neat to feature leafy planners and calendars from Etsy this week.  Enjoy!

SALE - 2011 Calendar - A Year of Trees - trees forests and leaves in all four seasons of the year - Fine Art Nature Photography by bomobob

Weekly Eco Planner with Address Book - Olives and Leaves - Coptic Bound by NaturesCubbyHole

2011 pocket planner journal - Leaves by camillebellet

Whimsical Leaves Daily Calendar - Hand Coptic Stitched by ncharshaf

2011 Evolution of a Tree Calendar by theRasilisk

2011 Postcards Desk Calendar with Stand - Forestify by SureAsBlue

Perpetual Wooden Block Calendar - Charcoal and Sage Leaves by QueenvannaCreations


  1. These would all keep me organized. They're all so pretty, I'd remember to look at them everyday :)

  2. Great selection - wow, it would be hard to choose just one! Thanks for sharing =)

  3. Awesome!!!!
    My problem with calendars & planners is that I want more that one & something always gets skipped :P

  4. Haha, my problem is that I like to buy them, but I'm not very good about using them!


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