Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December EBW Challenge Piece

If I had known how busy this Christmas season was going to be, I might not have attempted this challenge.  But I got far enough into it before the craziness hit that I was determined to finish in the midst of everything else.  I did so I'm really proud of that.

The theme for the December challenge is Arabesque Style.  Honestly there aren't a lot of great articles online about Arabesque style, but many pieces in an Arabesque style include interwoven leaves and/or flowers.  If you do a Google search for Arabesque art, you can see some examples.  My piece isn't designed to mimic any specific color combinations or other features of Arabesque style pieces, but it does have two interwoven strands of leaves.  Perhaps people who have taken online art classes know about the Arabesque Style.

Like my Twisted challenge entry last month, this piece can be worn as a wrap bracelet OR a necklace.  It's long enough to be wrapped three times for a 7 1/2" wrist or smaller.  I am pretty picky about my bracelet fit (which is one reason that I like to design jewelry for myself).  I have tested a few triple wrap pieces as I've designed this new line of jewelry and can honestly say that they do fit a range of wrist sizes.  I have not designed any wrap pieces specifically for myself and have found several lengths to be very comfortable.

Like all of my new herringbone pieces, the charm has a lobster clasp so that it can be detached.  This particular charm is part of my new bead stash from Erika.  Thanks Erika!  Thanks to all of your feedback about the charms for this new line, I have been finalizing my details for the new charm listings.  I've started making a list of possible charm sets.  More on that soon.  If there's something you'd love to see, feel free to let me know now.

I love that this piece is part of my new herringbone line AND incorporates my love of leaf beads.  My new found love of leaves these past few years has really come from my love of Czech glass leaf beads.  I have pulled the leaves for this piece from at least four different sources.

I also love the pink/green color combination.  I'm really pleased with how it came together for this piece.  I'm planning to make separate green and pink herringbone pieces from the seed bead selections I pulled for this piece, but I know that I'm not done with the pink/green combination either.

Yep, I did go a little crazy with the leaf embellishment and also made this piece in tubular herringbone, so like Twisted, this piece will be at the higher end of my new line.  A lot of the pieces in it will be in the $25-$45 range.

You can purchase this new piece here.  Voting will take place December 9-15 on the EBW blog.  I'll post more information about that when it gets closer.

I used this post for Erika's It's a Wrap Link Party 12/5/11.


  1. It's gorgeous! You constantly impress me with everything you get done!

  2. wow Rose that is awesome!!! And I really love your new banner bracele!t


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