Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Feature: Thanksgiving cards

Since a few people asked about this, I'll post a tutorial for Picasa Photo Collages, which is how I made the groups of pictures on my post yesterday.  Let me know if you have any questions about it.

As I have big plans to start making cards again in 2012 (more on that soon), I thought that it would be fun to browse Thanksgiving cards on Etsy for inspiration.  I found an amazing set of cards to share with you in no time at all.  Enjoy!

Handmade Thanksgiving Card by kimbeesdesigns

Thanksgiving Card Stampin Up Greeting Handmade Pocket Turkey Stuffing Recipe Insert by CardInspired

Thanksgiving Card.  Let us Give Thanks.  Doily with Handwritten Calligraphy.  White Ink on Moss Green.  Single by sparrownestscript

Thanksgiving Card, Mad Libs Inspired by dandydesignsink

Yellow and Gray Thanksgiving Card by BrooklynGraceyDesign

Thanksgiving Cards - Turkey, Set of 4 by RoyalRegards

Thanksgiving Card, Autumn Leaves and Acorns by apaperaffaire

Tune in tomorrow for a Thanksgiving edition of my weekly link list!


  1. Rose, thanks for letting us know how you do those collages :) I must remember this next time!
    The cards are so special. I like the doily one!

  2. I didn't know you made cards:)

  3. Sone of those are absolutely beautiful! I loved the first one.

  4. Gorgeous cards! I just started working with paper but hopefully someday I can make things like that!

    Thanks for the tutorial too!

  5. You changed your header! I love it - really appropriate for the season and super cute!
    I also love the Thanksgiving Cards. The first one is awesome and I love the one with the Bible quote. :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  6. I love to make cards, too!
    You found some great ones!

  7. Great pics Rose! I really love the 1st one too:)

  8. cute cards! I'm also trying to add cards to my shop. I thought they would be quick, but they aren't really! {:-D

  9. These are wonderful! I really enjoy cards like these because they have so much personality!


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