Monday, November 14, 2011

Scavenger Hunt and I Heart Macro on Monday

Welcome to another edition of the photo Scavenger Hunt!  Enjoy!

1.  Before and After

All I did for the "after" photo was 1) crop, 2) auto light adjust, 3) further custom light adjustment.  I feel like I've already said this a thousand times, but everyone should do a minimum of these three simple steps for all Etsy listing photos.  Hopefully the "after" photo speaks for itself, but world of difference, right?

I also wanted to do a before and after cooking photo set.  Jamie posted a Fajita recipe this past week that I decided to try.  I used an orange pepper and lemon juice (instead of a green pepper and lime juice) because that's what I had.  It was light outside when I took the first picture and dark when I took the second.

I enjoyed it.  Jake isn't the biggest fan of chicken, but he decided that it was a decent way to cook chicken.  I think that it's one of those recipes that's almost better the second day because the flavors have had more time to soak in.  Thanks for the recipe, Jamie!

2.  Opposing Lines

One of the reasons that I enjoy this meme is because it gets me thinking about ways to photograph items that I might not photograph otherwise.  This prompt is a perfect example.  The first one is a wire rack.  I love using this racks for various storage in the basement.  The second one is our new space heater, also for the basement.

3.  Custom, that's a little above some of our abilities.
I hope that this prompt doesn't discourage people from doing the hunt this week.  I love this meme, but a lot of us do not have the cameras or the photographic skills to do techniques like bokeh.  If you want to see what custom bokeh is, you can click here.  You guys get to enjoy a macro shot from me instead.  Moving on.

4.  Which pair of shoes should I wear?
The previous owner left this shoe rack (among a lot of other things) in our coat closet.  Nope, it still isn't enough room for all of my shoes.  Jake doesn't even have any of his shoes in this closet.

5.  Little Features

I'm sure that my subject was a big surprise.  Of course as soon as I started taking close up pictures of her, she didn't want to sit still anymore, but I managed to get some good shots.

Please check out Ashley's blog to see what other people photographed for these themes this week!

I also did a macro shot for I Heart Macro.  We'll see if I'm able to keep this up, but I obviously love macro shots and would like to keep include this in my weekly photo meme post.

studio waterstone


  1. The opposing lines photos are cool.

    Rose, I featured your post in today's link party.

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  2. I still don't know what a bokeh is LOL

  3. The new bracelet photo is way better! Photos still are a pain in the patooty for me.

    Love Angel's feets!

  4. Love those little kitty feet - so cute!

  5. Fun. I like seeing the different photographs you took. Look at those cute little kitty feet.

  6. Cute! I feel ya on the shoes thing. We've got no official mud room since our house is open plan and we also have very tiny closets. shoes are EVERYWHERE! Hahah.

  7. very lovely macro shot (I Heart Macro)... yes, the lighting adjustment certainly makes a significant difference. Thanks, kareninkenai

  8. That is a world of difference!! Do you have a professional camera? Mine's just point and shoot and I think my photos are severely lacking...

    For Love of Cupcakes

  9. your food really is a lesson to all us amateur photographers on the importance of natural light! What a difference! {:-D

  10. I really enjoy macro, too - and a lot of the time I have the pesky flash turned off! LOL Great photos!

  11. Great take on SHS! I agree about photo work, especially cropping. There are free sites where one can do some simple editing like
    I love macros, too, so perhaps I'll join in that meme.

  12. I love Angel's little feet :)
    I agree with the lighting - unfortunately the winter months are so dark over here, even with adjusting the setting on my camera and photoshop I still have to wait for that one bright day...

  13. I'm a sucker for macro shots too :)
    Your before and after bracelet shots are a great example of how to make good photos great!
    Of course kitty pics are my fave though :)


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