Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Link List

Welcome to this week's edition of my link list.  Enjoy!

This awesome resource from Oh My Handmade includes photo resources, free banners and layouts, and instructions on how to personalize these banners and layouts with Photoshop.

I came across this site during one of my freelance writing projects.  The HubSpot blogs has articles on just about any blog topic that you can imagine.  If you need help or more information about something, check this site out.  This title tip article is a perfect example of what this site has to offer.

If you're looking for free beadweaving tutorials, this is a great resource.  The group isn't updated very often, but what is there is pretty good.

Anyone who blogs will get some helpful information from this article.

Catherine has some of the best recipes!  I just bought some teriyaki sauce and am looking forward to making some new recipes with it.  This one is on my list.

Did you use one of the resources, tutorials, or recipes from my link list?  Leave me a link in the comments or send me an e-mail ( with your photos and stories.  I would love to post them here! 


  1. I went over to helpful hints. Spending 10 minutes, as mentioned, before work on social media is hard if you have other responsibilities! Like Etsy! I need to get TweetDeck... {:-D

  2. hahahahahhahaha the computers are down hahahahaha!

    Also, that is a very pretty bracelet!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  3. I'd love to check out the tutorial. I'm not the best at jewelry making so I'm always anxious to learn.

  4. Dear Rose, Thank you very much for the mention of my blog. You are a good friend. Blogging has been one of the nicest experiences. I am really very renewed in my spirit for the kindness experienced through blogging. Thank you again Rose. Your friend, Catherine xo

  5. I think I'm going to have to check out all the links this week! I've come back to your blog several time to find your link lists. Maybe they should have their own link under your header or something. Just sayin. :)

  6. Catherine does have the best recipes! Thanks for sharing this one cuz I love teriyaki chicken:)

  7. hahahaha! The computers are down! LOL - thanks for the laugh!
    The title tips were very helpful - going to use some of those =)

  8. And great blog writing tips, too =)

  9. Oooo...Thanks for all the bloggy tip links! I can definitely use those!

  10. Thanks for the links - I'm off exploring :)


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