Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Link List and a show reminder

Before I get into my weekly link list, I wanted to remind everyone in the Milwaukee area that I will have a booth TODAY at the Nicolet High School 6th Annual Autumn Artisan's Fair.
This is a great show.  It is by far the most organized show I've ever done.  There are lots of student helpers for set up, logistics, tear down, etc., which makes things go really smoothly and also makes it a lot of fun.  Plus it's for a great cause.  If you've been reading my blog this fall, you've seen all of the button magnets, pins, and tacks that I'll have there as well as all of my jewelry that's available on Etsy.  Please come out if you can!

Now onto the regularly schedule weekly link list.  Enjoy!

Don't let the grim name scare you away from checking out this resource.  MorgueFile is a free photo image site that was designed by creative people for creative people.  Anyone can take as well as submit images on the site.  It's a great resource for blog posts, articles, and more.  I found out about this site through how about orange.

In this day and age, anyone with any inclination to make money with their art should be pursuing options online.  That's my humble opinion anyway.  This article is a perfect example of how you can get started with this very easily and for very minimal expense.  I am certainly not a professional photographer, but I have used my photos for gifts sometimes (remember my coasters?).  At some point I would like to use Cafepress or something similar to put together calendars and whatnot with my photos.  It didn't happen for this holiday season but maybe next year.

For any of you who use Fire Mountain Gems to purchase beads or other crafting supplies, this is an awesome way to save money when you purchase their products.  I had started following Jet Beads on Twitter before reading this post, but it's great to have this link bookmarked in case I forget what that name is.

For those of you who have kids who enjoy coloring or you just enjoy coloring, this is a great easy tutorial.  I love that is uses Picnik, which is FREE.  You could even get inspired to make a bunch of these for a little coloring book gift.

I'm giving you guys another type of recipe this week.  Maybe next week I'll return to traditional cooking recipes!  Tara shared a great "how to" on her blog over the summer about how to make laundry soap.  Personally this is something that I don't do, but if you do a lot of laundry (I really don't), it would be a great way to save a little money.

Did you use one of the resources, tutorials, or recipes from my link list?  Leave me a link in the comments or send me an e-mail ( with your photos and stories.  I would love to post them here!


  1. I bookmarked the Morgue File - I usually use cartoons and gifs rather than photos but another source is always handy to have.

    Have a good show!

  2. I'm going to check out that Fire Mountain post! Thanks for the links Rose and I hope your show was a success!

  3. I love the idea of making your own coloring book. Another thing on my to do list! {:-D

  4. I love the coloring book idea! When Jesse's niece and nephews come over I can print these off and have them ready for them! Great idea!

  5. I think you should give Cafe Press a try. You are right, we should all take advantage of all the things available to us.

  6. I really like to coloring book idea too. I may use some of our vacation pics.


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