Thursday, January 26, 2012

another goal for 2012: finishing those UFOs

Although this is not one of my official goals, one of my unofficial goals for 2012 is to finish up the few UFOs that I have lying around.  Nope, I'm not talking about flying saucers, I'm talking about those craft projects that you start with good intentions but never get around to finishing.  For the most part, I am good about not doing this.  But it still happens sometimes.

Remember my cross-stitch from Monday?  I started it back in 2008, right around the time I started getting serious about my jewelry making.  I'm sure that it's not a surprise why I haven't finished this.  I did cross-stitch almost exclusively from 2003-2008 so it was time for a little break anyway.  I'm more than ready to come back to this and am at a point where I can make time in between beading and card making.

When will it be done?  This is a HUGE project.  Honestly I don't anticipate finishing it during 2012, even if I work on it every week.  Finishing it during 2013 is a more realistic goal.

Do you remember my button tree?

I bought a second Styrofoam base and enough felt, fabric, pins, and buttons for one more tree, with a fall theme with time.  I even ironed and pinned on the fabric when I made the first tree.  But then I didn't do anything else.
I love my Christmas button tree and would enjoy a fall one, too.  It just hasn't been a high priority.

When will it be done?  The button pining process is tedious so I like to break it up in 20-30 minute stints.  If I started this in the late spring or early summer, there's no reason that I couldn't have it done for the fall of 2012.

My next PDF pattern...still in the works...
I started taking pictures for a clasp pattern back in late August.  I was determined to finish the pattern by the end of October, but it got lost in the shuffle with all of the stuff that I was working on for Christmas and my fall/winter craft shows.

When will it be done?  I only have 2, maybe 3, more hours left of writing, editing, and formatting work left.  I have all of the pictures taken and edited already.  I'd like to get this pattern finished and listed online by the end of February or early March.

I know that many of you probably have a lot more UFOs lying around than I do!  Do share.


  1. Your cross stitch is beautiful - I love that black background. Good luck on finishing the pattern - almost there!

    Actually, I've had projects and gotten supplies, but then return to what I really want to do. I've just begun to start books and not finish them - I couldn't even do that before {:-D

  2. You are so talented! Love your work. My mom has down cross stitch for years. I don't have the patience, but I admire the craft and beauty of it!

    Love that button tree!!

  3. I'm all about the UFO's! I think I have crafting ADD. I've eventually learned that some types of projects just don't work for me (long, tedious knitting projects for example). Still I have some projects that really need to be finished up to make room for more projects :)

  4. Ugh...don't remind me...LOL :) I can't even tell you how many UFOs I have. I'll start to work on something new and then get a bunch of custom orders and never get back to my new project! I bet I have a least 20...if I can find them all!

  5. UFO's! I love this term. I have so many unfinished projects. Good for you for making goals to get finished. You are super creative and your work is gorgeous!

  6. I'm working on an afghan for my son. People joke that it will be ready when he is ready for the nursing home. (Somehow, I don't think I'll still be around then!)

  7. hi rose, just found you via etsy blog team. that looks like quite the project!!! i certainly wouldn't be able to finish it in 2012!


  8. I have a stack next to the sewing machine of UFO's. I try to work on one of them each week. I also keep a list of them on my inspiration board to keep them in the forefront of my memory. It doesn't always get them done, though!

  9. I didn't use to have UFOs around the house because they bother me to no end but sadly, I have quite a few that's been accumulating since last summer. I need more time in the day!

  10. I love your button tree! At least you have 10 months left to finish the other one.

  11. I love that cross-stitch project. I love fantasy so I am partial to wizards. It looks beautiful.

    I used to stitch when I was a teenager. I remember buying my very first DMC starter kit I got out of a magazine that I paid a couple of dollars. That was when it was still ok to mail money. LOL! I definitely cannot stitch anymore as it hurts my eyes too much. I have tried the magnifying, but I was still straining. I do miss it.

  12. Rose.. you are a woman of may talents.. I do not know how you have the energy for it all! I love the button trees!! I hope you do get those done, eventually, lol.. because I sure would love to see!

  13. Wow...I know what you much gets started and never finished as other projects take priority! That cross stitch is beautiful- gosh what an undertaking!!!
    Hmn...first thing I think of is my new little knit wallets with wristlet attachment. The knitting/ assembling is done, but I have to postpone the lining till I get a mastery over machine sewing. So??? I'm hoping by summer I'll be able to pump out their linings:)

  14. I'm too embarrassed to say how many UFOs are lurking in this house. Suffice it to say I would never lack for blog topics if I only wrote about UFOS! Your cross-stitch and button tree projects look really interesting. I hope you will post them when they are finished.


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