Tuesday, January 31, 2012

step up your packaging: thumb tack and magnet boxes

Do you remember how I packaged my thumb tacks and magnets for my final 2011 show?
The tacks worked all right in the jewelry boxes, but the magnets didn't work so well.  I had so much else to do for this show that I let it be and focused on other things.  People still bought lots of the magnets.  But it was something that I wanted to return to in the future.

Usually I let people choose their own magnet and tack sets instead of packaging them myself.  I'm going to continue doing that, BUT I will still provide packaging.  Better packaging.
My plan is to have a few boxes out on my display table that people can grab and fill as they please.  We'll see how it goes.

What did I use for the inserts?  The metal is from one of these sheets.  I bought several of those sheets a few years ago for a project for Jake.  He hasn't used all of it yet.  I know that the piece photographed is smudged, but 1) you don't notice when magnets covering it and 2) most of the metal pieces aren't like that.  You can slice this metal (fairly easily) with regular scissors.

The cork is left over from my coaster project.  I was surprised how readily available it is.  Just about any big box store or chain office supply store carries it.  It isn't the thickest cork out there by any means, but it works just fine for packaging.  I used a craft knife to slice my cork.

I propped the boxes up so you can get a good lighting angle.  The inserts look better when they sit naturally in the boxes.

I had different labels on the boxes at my final 2011 show that I had designed specifically for that show.  In the future, I'll be using the labels pictured above.  You really can't include your contact information too many times.  In addition to giving it to the buyer one more time, you may be passing it on to a different recipient if the items are given as a gift.

If you sell thumb tacks and/or magnets, how do you package them?  For those who don't sell either of these items, what have you done to improve your packaging lately?

Stay tuned later this week for some more developments that I've been working on for my upcoming open house.

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  1. That is a fabulous idea to have the empty boxes for people to fill themselves!
    I have to check around for cork, because I want to try a project with it, but it isn't readily available here.

  2. You know, I was just thinking about this the other day. Edi sent me some of her owl magnets, and I was impressed with the packaging. She saved a tin can lid and painted it to match her color scheme. The magnets were stuck on that and then packaged in cellophane. I think your ideas with the metal sheet and cork coster are great!

  3. great post! wonderful packaging! Your products shine!
    I agree with multiple ways of getting out your contact information. The labeling on the boxes is perfect!

  4. Great ideas! The cork and metal worked perfectly!
    I used canning jar lids for my magnets. I created a card insert for behind them and then placed them in a clear cellophane (sp?) bag.
    When I let people choose from so many options, I think they were overwhelmed. They seem to be selling better at shows now that I have them prepackaged :)
    and I agree about adding your contact info!

  5. I like the idea of the empty boxes at shows! It makes a difference when we are given bags--much more likely to buy to put in them.

  6. That's a really great idea! Also, I wanted to let you know that I chose your blog for the versatile blogger award and your blog is featured on mine! http://heversonart.blogspot.com/2012/01/i-won-versitile-blogger-award.html

  7. I wouldn't even thought about how you have to package those but what a great idea! I would love to visit your booth one day! :)

  8. The cork is such a good idea! I'm introducing a line of magnets for the summer shows I'll have this year, and I was wondering how the heck to display them.

    My packaging for Etsy orders could totally use a facelift. It's so boring.

  9. Love the cork idea. It looks really cute too.

  10. That is such a great idea! Love it!

  11. Clever packaging idea, Rose! I don't have any new packaging ideas to report, since just about all of my products fit in self-sealing cello bags. I did make my own origami-style boxes for some crocheted flower brooches, though.

  12. Very cute, I really like the cork board inside the box for the tacks!

    For my magnets, I package them in sets of four, and I use a large, 2" round washer. It holds the magnets perfectly, and they won't shift around. (details here: http://www.heathercash.com/blog/2013/07/magnet-packaging/)

    I think the metal sheet is a good idea, but not sure how expensive it would get. The washers, if bought in bulk, are about 20 cents each.


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